Weekend by fits and starts; Classic KSWISS x BB Secrets

Classic KSWISS, BB Secrets Beauty Balm | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion, Lifestyle

Echoing in a hollow space between cement and tin roof, fireworks crackle at 5am. Signaling the start of the day’s festivities. We are a country of fiestas, after all. Shuffling of feet and a growing sound of chatter heard from outside my window, it’s starting. And I’m awake. There’s a sense of dread building in […]

OOTD: Maps, Bags, And Printed Vintage; Navy Fridays

Maps, Prints, & Bags | Brown, Navy, Circle Sunnies, Vintage

“We shall sail like Columbus..” A few days after I saw the movie Life of Pi, I saw a particular item that quickly reminded me of this line from the movie. Sometimes I wake up and have “today I feel like vintage” days aside from my usual…Old soul tendencies? Brown x Navy has always been […]

Jewelry Heirlooms and Weekend Reverie

Heirloom, Diamond Ring, Jade Ring, Rings, Jewelry | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

Thinking about the future would always bring me to look at the past. Antecedents. Where I came from. From little accounts of the extraordinary to people who fought to live a life so I can have mine. This weekend’s reverie touched on remembering what I had and lost; what I experienced and found sense. Mind […]

Wedge Driven: The Go To Shoe


[Post by Eena Acuña] Scenario: Walking around the mall, you enter a shop and see something you like. While waiting for the clerk to hand you the size you requested, you check if you’ve got enough money to buy it. Check. The clerk arrives and tells you with no sympathy whatsoever: “Sorry, your size is […]

Falling in Love with Kerastase CREME OLEO-CURL and Dreaming of Chanel

Dreaming of Chanel, Charlotte Smith | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

Though I’m pretty much happy with simply using a hair mousse to style my hair (in case you’re new to Style Manila, I went for a digital perm at Beauty Brick 3 months ago), I’m still open to trying other hair products. When I read Tara‘s tweet about Kérastase Oleo-Curl’s scent, I was reminded of […]

Vintage Enchantments

Sportsgirl, Australia, Earth Girl Vintage Jumpsuit | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

On rare occasions, I’d get lucky and score a fabulous vintage piece but, most of the time, I’d settle for vintage-inspired ones. They still look great anyway, not to mention, the former is so hard to come by. I’ve always had a soft spot for Vintage Fashion. It sets off a cascade of notions filled […]

3 Outfits, 1 pair of Jeans

Crown Metropol, Melbourne, Australia | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

Woke up to good news that I’ve got a voucher that entitled me to a breakfast at Maze by Gordon Ramsay (thanks, sis!). You folks know who he is, yea? (hint: Masterchef America, haha) Good enough reason to wake up earlier than usual but it also means I’ll be sluggish (since we did get back […]

Country and Vintage Inspirations

Sasha Manuel, Outfits, Tog du jour, Dress, Valleygirl, Cotton On, Cowboy Boots | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

The day had promised to be a sunny with temp ranging between 18°C and 20°C. It inspired me to try something relatively new to my style palette, which perked up my day. I decided to take a 20-minute walk to a nearby shopping centre with C to have some photos printed out for a Mother’s […]

Vintage LV

Vintage Louis Vuitton Shoulder Bag | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

There’s an inexplicable joy in owning a Louis Vuitton bag on its own but a vintage LV? Now, that’s added bliss. Personally, I don’t own one. I simply can’t afford it plus the fact that I’m not a bag person. I reckon my mum will find more rhyme and reason in spending X amount of […]

Style Manila on QTV 11’s QTube

QTube | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

Me? On TV? Seriously. Not that I minded the major plugging for my blogs (SashaManuel.com, The Parody, and Tops II Bottoms) and mainly for Style Manila, so, yea I grabbed the opportunity. This is one of the interviews I did with QTV. Shot entirely in my home whilst by principle I didn’t really want to […]