Ozone Holidaze: Print Crazy at St. Kilda & The Great Ocean Road; Melbourne

Graffiti | Obey | Long Skirt | Sunnies | Christmas Summer | Citygirl | Melbourne | Australia

Land of Oz, land of 15% percent higher exposure to UV rays. Yeah, I was warned. I’m +/- an hour drive away from several pretty beaches around, so what the heck, right? Just slather on some extra sun protection and adiooos, skin cancer! St. Kilda Temperature: 37 C First hottest day of December in Melbourne […]

Surf October: The Circle Hostel Now in La Union

Wave Mural | Urbiztondo, La Union, Philippines

stoked adj. To be “stoked” is to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilarated, or excited about something. [Urban Dictionary] Stoked. A commonly used surfing term which I tried explaining to a friend but could only manage “That really huge grin that you can’t seem to wipe off your face after earning a wave or just […]