To The Rescue


couple’s shirt. couple’s kicks couple’s sunnies Ok i Have nothing against it (tho it’s not a personal preference) But when a friend told the me and the girls that besides their couple’s shirt, she wanted her and her husband to wear a couple’s pajammies – on their first honeymoon night — (disc scratch sound) “NOO!” What’s […]

Shine-free Morena


Shine. It’s one of the most unwanted occurrences that we don’t want to happen on our faces as Morenas. We want the glow, not the shine. There’s a thin line between those two but, let’s admit it, we usually cross the line towards being shiny. Fine, not usually. Almost always. I’m sure that you’ve tried […]

Love Lace, a look at necklaces

Love Lace, NAVA, Chick Flick, Girl Shoppe, necklace | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Street Style, Lifestyle

Believe it or not, I had planned on sharing this story back in November 2013. But a whirlwind came into my world and asked a lot from my time and energy that I only had time to do this today. Quite happy that I found the photos I had worked on then, saved a lot […]

Holiday Pick: Collection 2000 Volume Sensation Lipstick Satin Bow x Lock N Hold Lipgloss Body Pop

Collection Lipstick Satin Bow, Body Pop Lipgloss

Heaux, heaux, heaux. Christmas too soon, parties left and right. I’m finally going to reveal my drug of choice, that is, drugstore makeup. A lot of products you find in Watsons for example, are actually awesome AND CHEAP. In other words, I can’t live without ‘em. Yes, there will always be the occasional MAC or […]

Chanel Chance and traces of memories, known and novel

Chanel Chance, Eau tendre, Perfume | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

“Chance is a tornado.. the door open to adventure and unknown, just like lips ready for a kiss.” Delicately sparkling and endlessly romantic, a young floral fragrance dipped in Gabrielle Chanel’s belief in the power of chance. A scent created by Jacques Polge in 2003 that’s made for women who dare to dream. Yes, delicate […]

TBS, one. Acne, nil. The battle of skin and care.

The Body Shop, TBS, Skincare, Tea Tree, Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub, Tea Tree Pore Minimiser | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

All is fair in love and war, an old adage sings. Taking calculated risks, hoping for a more controlled outcome, or Murphy’s Law in effect, regardless, things happen — good or bad. Playing the blame game is a waste of time; swimming against the tide may prove futile. In most instances, it’s best to expect […]

Adidas Kanadia 5 TR W

Adidas, Kanadia 5 TR W, Sasha Manuel | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

I’ve given up the thought that I’d ever be one of those fitness buffs wherein one would set aside time in a week esp for sweating. May it be to play badminton, run or jog, or perhaps yoga. BUT this doesn’t mean I can’t hope that circumstances and leanings can change down the road, now […]

Weekend Mash-Up: Olay x ZA, Snake & Feather Accessories, #GRIP2013

Weekend Mash-Up, Olay Total Effects, ZA Cosmetics, Snake Ring, Feather Cuff, Mango, accessories | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

Plate’s been full since beginning of last week and there are still a few more important errands to run for the next couple of weeks. It’s funny how these things seemingly conspire to happen all at the same time, sometimes. Leaving you no spare time and quite exhausted on some days. So, before the backlog […]

MAC Lippies and the saga of the hunt for the best red lipstick

2013-10-02 09.51.55

Normally, I practice a more prudent choice for lip colour that’s why either the MAC lipstick in Cosmo or NARS lipstick in Dolce Vita are my go-to everyday lippies. However, as the year ended and a new one began, I found myself gravitating to a more adventurous lipstick shade and, what’s more surprising, that I […]

Weekend by fits and starts; Classic KSWISS x BB Secrets

Classic KSWISS, BB Secrets Beauty Balm | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion, Lifestyle

Echoing in a hollow space between cement and tin roof, fireworks crackle at 5am. Signaling the start of the day’s festivities. We are a country of fiestas, after all. Shuffling of feet and a growing sound of chatter heard from outside my window, it’s starting. And I’m awake. There’s a sense of dread building in […]