Blackbird + Valkyrie, a girl’s weekend

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No, I did not just land. I’ve actually been in town a good full week, been to the beach and then some, before I had this fantastic girls weekend. Started things off with a wine night celebrating big movements in some of the ladies I know. Rain or shine wine night hosted by Jo Weise […]

Shine-free Morena


Shine. It’s one of the most unwanted occurrences that we don’t want to happen on our faces as Morenas. We want the glow, not the shine. There’s a thin line between those two but, let’s admit it, we usually cross the line towards being shiny. Fine, not usually. Almost always. I’m sure that you’ve tried […]

Meet Joey

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There will be a particular set of people you’ll come across in your life who will bring a certain light and lightness. Inexorable. Glowing. Fated. It can be one specific thing or an amalgamation of everything. You’re touched by the openness of their smile, generosity of their heart — a personality that’s unfeigned, unadulterated, unpracticed. […]

MNL Stop Over: 71 Gramercy x New Hair

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Let me first tell you about my new hair. It’s a month in now, hence, normal to most haircuts, they would look twice better as when you first step out of the salon. Oh yea, I haven’t been in town for the last few months — with just the occasional popping in to take care […]

StyleManila Meets: E.Z. and Tony, Organisers of GRIP 2013

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Last minute decision to head off to Filinvest Tent in Alabang, I sent a quick message to my friend to meet me there. With the weather suffering indecision, unsure if the bit in the program I was looking forward to will still push through. It did; as I had shifted my car to park a […]

Holiday Pick: Collection 2000 Volume Sensation Lipstick Satin Bow x Lock N Hold Lipgloss Body Pop

Collection Lipstick Satin Bow, Body Pop Lipgloss

Heaux, heaux, heaux. Christmas too soon, parties left and right. I’m finally going to reveal my drug of choice, that is, drugstore makeup. A lot of products you find in Watsons for example, are actually awesome AND CHEAP. In other words, I can’t live without ‘em. Yes, there will always be the occasional MAC or […]

Sandy Toes and Salty kisses: An All White Beach Wedding


The uptight and overly self-conscious crowd, weird and unnecessary moments during the looong reception programs, and the ceremony? (ugh) It’s like a slow moving motorcade, a procession in the name of boredom. These are some of the reasons why I have become a non-avid fan of attending weddings. Probably because when I was young, my […]

Rooted & Rising: A benefit show for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda

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Rooted and Rising Org Rooted & Rising is a social initiative and collective of local creatives and entrepreneurs that have been shaped and inspired by their lives and experiences in the Philippines, who in turn, aim to create sustainable ways and outlets to give back to those in need, to manifest change and action in […]

Prada, suicide and sexual harassment: A whistle-blower speaks out

Rina Bovrisse (Credit: Hidemasa Ishii)

What fashion industry is doing still now is, “OK, if you’re in fashion, we don’t talk about discrimination — but if you’re in Pakistan, we’ll … make it as part of our charity… From a ranking of 105th in gender equality, I am extremely shocked to hear about this going on in Japan. Gender equality […]

Meet Hannah

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Listening to a voice that’s real and raw, you’d be filled with wonder and awe. It takes you on a path away from pretensions and shams; away from visuals that seemingly mocks real life, real people. Having your thoughts of style and society shaped by one so easygoing, unconcerned by what most may consider norm, […]