Everyday Sunblock


So, it’s true. As another year adds to that age, one becomes more conscious with her skin and what she puts on it. I don’t know when I started to look at my skin at a different light, no pun intended, but I do know that there is no better time to start taking care of […]

ADIDAS: Dear Stan, You’re TIMELESS.


Guess who flew in from NYC yesterday! talk about timelessness ! an institution of style. (sigh) I wish he was mine tho. I bought this for a friend. I’m happy she knew what color she wanted cuz I can’t get my head to decide wether I should go for the red, the green, the all white […]

Pale face, red lips.

excuse my selfie! (eek!)

Red lipstick, all on the paper. “Adding color won’t hurt,” a dear friend once told me. I’m quite pale you see and i don’t put make up at all, but ever since my friend told me that, I got me-self some lipstick! Red, deep red, plum-ish or any earthy toned lipstick! Lipstick would (maybe) be […]

Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara

P1070817 (2)

Mascara. I used to be not a fan of this beauty product. I never found the need to have one. I was thinking that since I have long eyelashes already, I don’t need it anymore. I was so wrong. Definitely wrong. I now love the fact that one coat on my eyelashes can do wonders […]

Blackbird + Valkyrie, a girl’s weekend

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No, I did not just land. I’ve actually been in town a good full week, been to the beach and then some, before I had this fantastic girls weekend. Started things off with a wine night celebrating big movements in some of the ladies I know. Rain or shine wine night hosted by Jo Weise […]

Joey on Jumimo


Carefree. That’s who I am whenever I’m at the beach. I just let my hair down, wear my pair of sunnies, keep my hands free of anything and just be there. I’m such a beach girl. The sea, the sun and the sand seems to be my cure for anything. My pair of sunglasses, my sunblock […]

To The Rescue


Couple’s shirt. Couple’s kicks Couple’s sunnies Ok i have nothing against it (tho it’s not a personal preference) But when a friend told the me and the girls that besides their couple’s shirt, she wanted her and her husband to wear a couple’s pajammies! okeeeey….. on their first honeymoon night — (disc scratch sound) Oh NO!! […]

Shine-free Morena


Shine. It’s one of the most unwanted occurrences that we don’t want to happen on our faces as Morenas. We want the glow, not the shine. There’s a thin line between those two but, let’s admit it, we usually cross the line towards being shiny. Fine, not usually. Almost always. I’m sure that you’ve tried […]

Meet Joey

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There will be a particular set of people you’ll come across in your life who will bring a certain light and lightness. Inexorable. Glowing. Fated. It can be one specific thing or an amalgamation of everything. You’re touched by the openness of their smile, generosity of their heart — a personality that’s unfeigned, unadulterated, unpracticed. […]

Love Lace, a look at necklaces

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Believe it or not, I had planned on sharing this story back in November 2013. But a whirlwind came into my world and asked a lot from my time and energy that I only had time to do this today. Quite happy that I found the photos I had worked on then, saved a lot […]