ADIDAS: Dear Stan, You’re TIMELESS.


Guess who flew in from NYC yesterday! talk about timelessness ! an institution of style. (sigh) I wish he was mine tho. I bought this for a friend. I’m happy she knew what color she wanted cuz I can’t get my head to decide wether I should go for the red, the green, the all white […]

Joey on Jumimo


Carefree. That’s who I am whenever I’m at the beach. I just let my hair down, wear my pair of sunnies, keep my hands free of anything and just be there. I’m such a beach girl. The sea, the sun and the sand seems to be my cure for anything. My pair of sunglasses, my sunblock […]

To The Rescue


Couple’s shirt. Couple’s kicks Couple’s sunnies Ok i have nothing against it (tho it’s not a personal preference) But when a friend told the me and the girls that besides their couple’s shirt, she wanted her and her husband to wear a couple’s pajammies! okeeeey….. on their first honeymoon night — (disc scratch sound) Oh NO!! […]

Love Lace, a look at necklaces

Love Lace, NAVA, Chick Flick, Girl Shoppe, necklace | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Street Style, Lifestyle

Believe it or not, I had planned on sharing this story back in November 2013. But a whirlwind came into my world and asked a lot from my time and energy that I only had time to do this today. Quite happy that I found the photos I had worked on then, saved a lot […]

ALL ROUNDER: Project Feral

Hannah Maypa, Project Feral

a rock concert a casual house party a casual dinner with friends to the beach to an ordinary day at the mall to a music festival to bed. I bet everyone has their favorite shirt! Meet my all rounder shirt by Project Feral. I love wearing men’s T-shirts, I have a bunch of em’ but […]

Adidas Kanadia 5 TR W

Adidas, Kanadia 5 TR W, Sasha Manuel | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

I’ve given up the thought that I’d ever be one of those fitness buffs wherein one would set aside time in a week esp for sweating. May it be to play badminton, run or jog, or perhaps yoga. BUT this doesn’t mean I can’t hope that circumstances and leanings can change down the road, now […]

Weekend Mash-Up: Olay x ZA, Snake & Feather Accessories, #GRIP2013

Weekend Mash-Up, Olay Total Effects, ZA Cosmetics, Snake Ring, Feather Cuff, Mango, accessories | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

Plate’s been full since beginning of last week and there are still a few more important errands to run for the next couple of weeks. It’s funny how these things seemingly conspire to happen all at the same time, sometimes. Leaving you no spare time and quite exhausted on some days. So, before the backlog […]

The Kids Are Not Alright Honey, They’re Dead

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You know those people who say being dead is not a costume? Yeah who cares about those people. This is the day of the dead! And for the living – an excuse to party! Last minute skull makeup with Hannah as my dead kid accomplice. Quite easy. Tips: Don’t hurry. Paint early. Sometimes using your […]

Halloween @ Black Market

Style Manila, Founder, Sasha Manuel, Costume, Military, Halloween Party, Black Market | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

After filial responsibilities for a nation’s tradition to spend time and celebrate Todos los Santos at the cemetery, I dashed off to mark the holiday in a more Western way by 12:01. Halloween party at Black Market. Backtracking to 2 days ago, “Costumes K!” — a friend’s text message. I was, like, WHUT. How was […]

Meet Hannah

Hannah Maypa | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

Listening to a voice that’s real and raw, you’d be filled with wonder and awe. It takes you on a path away from pretensions and shams; away from visuals that seemingly mocks real life, real people. Having your thoughts of style and society shaped by one so easygoing, unconcerned by what most may consider norm, […]