Shine-free Morena


Shine. It’s one of the most unwanted occurrences that we don’t want to happen on our faces as Morenas. We want the glow, not the shine. There’s a thin line between those two but, let’s admit it, we usually cross the line towards being shiny. Fine, not usually. Almost always. I’m sure that you’ve tried […]

MNL Stop Over: 71 Gramercy x New Hair

Sasha Manuel, Hair cut, Hair style, Asian Hairstyle | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Style, Lifestyle

Let me first tell you about my new hair. It’s a month in now, hence, normal to most haircuts, they would look twice better as when you first step out of the salon. Oh yea, I haven’t been in town for the last few months — with just the occasional popping in to take care […]

Holiday Pick: Bronze x Nude; Oh Caronia! Glam Nails

Eena | StyleManila, Caronia, holiday pick, december 2013

Nail art doesn’t have to be that complicated, does it? Not for the holidays, anyway. Here’s a cool switch from your regular white french mani (which has kinda gotten boring after a few runs). This one’s definitely on the glam list. Caronia: Golden Bronze x Touch of Tan Happy Glam Holidays folks! x Feel free […]

Holiday Pick: Collection 2000 Volume Sensation Lipstick Satin Bow x Lock N Hold Lipgloss Body Pop

Collection Lipstick Satin Bow, Body Pop Lipgloss

Heaux, heaux, heaux. Christmas too soon, parties left and right. I’m finally going to reveal my drug of choice, that is, drugstore makeup. A lot of products you find in Watsons for example, are actually awesome AND CHEAP. In other words, I can’t live without ‘em. Yes, there will always be the occasional MAC or […]

Chanel Chance and traces of memories, known and novel

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“Chance is a tornado.. the door open to adventure and unknown, just like lips ready for a kiss.” Delicately sparkling and endlessly romantic, a young floral fragrance dipped in Gabrielle Chanel’s belief in the power of chance. A scent created by Jacques Polge in 2003 that’s made for women who dare to dream. Yes, delicate […]

Tressed to Impress: Faster Blow Dry Time, Softer Hair — My Amazing Blow Dry Secret

Eena | My Amazing Blow Dry Secret | Tokyo Posh

I got 99 problems, but my hair ain’t one. “Hair trends come and go, but hair that is silky, full of bounce and incredible shine will never go out of style,” says David Lopez, one of today’s most in demand celebrity, editorial and session stylists. “My Amazing Blow Dry Secret is my new secret and […]

TBS, one. Acne, nil. The battle of skin and care.

The Body Shop, TBS, Skincare, Tea Tree, Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub, Tea Tree Pore Minimiser | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

All is fair in love and war, an old adage sings. Taking calculated risks, hoping for a more controlled outcome, or Murphy’s Law in effect, regardless, things happen — good or bad. Playing the blame game is a waste of time; swimming against the tide may prove futile. In most instances, it’s best to expect […]

Weekend Mash-Up: Olay x ZA, Snake & Feather Accessories, #GRIP2013

Weekend Mash-Up, Olay Total Effects, ZA Cosmetics, Snake Ring, Feather Cuff, Mango, accessories | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

Plate’s been full since beginning of last week and there are still a few more important errands to run for the next couple of weeks. It’s funny how these things seemingly conspire to happen all at the same time, sometimes. Leaving you no spare time and quite exhausted on some days. So, before the backlog […]

The Kids Are Not Alright Honey, They’re Dead

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You know those people who say being dead is not a costume? Yeah who cares about those people. This is the day of the dead! And for the living – an excuse to party! Last minute skull makeup with Hannah as my dead kid accomplice. Quite easy. Tips: Don’t hurry. Paint early. Sometimes using your […]

Fringe and ombre; crossing the short and long hair threshold

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It can be a trying time as you wait for your hair to grow out. It’s certainly true for me. I can be impatient and frustrated with the state of my hair as I try watch it grow longer at a speed slower than a turtle. I’d toy with the idea of cutting it short […]