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Style Manila covers the metropolitan style of Manila, the style that’s rich in flavor. Formally launched on January 2007, this blog, aside from covering local fashion and beauty trends, events, and looks, also shows how expressing individual style is possible for women of all shapes and sizes. Style Manila appeals to people who are interested in Manileno and International fashion, including women who are mulling over future shopping trips.

My ultimate goal is not to tell the Philippine society to dress the same way but for them to find a way to express their individuality through fashion — this distinctly defines the concept of Style Manila.

I believe that Philippine fashion, Manila fashion in particular, is rich in flavour. From the numerous and notable fashion designers and fashion brands, I’ve come to realise how incredibly fashion-forward the country can be. Fashionistas thrive on the mall-ified influence of our country. Shopping has somehow become a bona fide activity that shoppers can be considered hobbyists. And then there are the western influences that traveling and media have introduced.

The aesthetics of fashion is not something limited to the young and beautiful but is and should be made available to women of all shapes and sizes. This just means that I won’t be focusing my eyes on models or celebrities alone. Rather, I’d also want to highlight what’s really out there and not just what’s on the glossy magazines.

Am I merely chronicling the fashion and style in our country? Not just. I’m also hoping to define, classify and share it.

The world deserves to know.

— Sasha Manuel, Founder & Chief Editor


Sasha Manuel

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