ITCHY FEET: 2013 Travel Run-through.


I know, I know! It’s half way through January and I just posted a recap of my travels last year.
I’m sorry… My schedule was crazy during the holidays and going back to work was no different.

I realized I was out of town almost every month,except July! haha
Yes I have an itchy feet! Been to places I haven’t been and chilled like the ultimate villain!

Check out the video.

Guiltily, i just got back from an out of town trip last weekend!
I looked at my planner ( I’m finally making use of one) and saw I have booked flights and trips planned until April.
Just until April… For now!

Maybe you guys have some suggestions as to which places i should go and see.
I still have May to December, 8 months of travel free schedule!

All those who have itchy feet raise your hands!

Music: N.E.R.D

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  1. Tokyo;)

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