ALL ROUNDER: Project Feral


a rock concert
a casual house party
a casual dinner with friends
to the beach
to an ordinary day at the mall
to a music festival
to bed.

I bet everyone has their favorite shirt!

Meet my all rounder shirt by Project Feral.


I love wearing men’s T-shirts, I have a bunch of em’ but this one’s my favorite. It’s the one shirt I’d grab without thinking it’s my “I don’t care, I’m wearing it” shirt.

I just love how Ely, carefully chose his fabric and how he thought of doing a seamless kind of shirt. It’s perfect! It’s soft and light perfect for a hot summer’s day but it can also tolerate the coolness at night.

I’ve had this Project Feral shirt for 4 years, I’ve worn it almost like — ALL THE TIME! But hey what can I say, it hasn’t worn off, still has no holes on it and isn’t stretched out.

If we talk about quality — definitely this is one hella of a shirt!

You think it looks ordinary? Well too bad my dear ones I’d love to tell you to grab one for yourself and experience it, but, unfortunately, Project Feral has stopped production. Sadly! I only have one and I borrowed 2 more from a friend (w/o the plans of giving it back) haha darn it! He noticed!

It’s that kind of a shirt really. OWZUUM!

What’s your favorite shirt?

Photos by: VJ Jimenez

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  1. Men’s shirts, yes! Sometimes I find waaay more interesting pieces from their side of the department store, it’s almost unfair! :)

    Nice shirt!

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