Sandy Toes and Salty kisses: An All White Beach Wedding

The uptight and overly self-conscious crowd, weird and unnecessary moments during the looong reception programs, and the ceremony? (ugh) It’s like a slow moving motorcade, a procession in the name of boredom.

These are some of the reasons why I have become a non-avid fan of attending weddings. Probably because when I was young, my parents dragged me to gazillion weddings that I obviously did not enjoy!

But now, I have finally reached the age where many of my own friends are either in a serious relationship, are getting engaged, or are finally settling down and tying the knot. So whether I like it or not, there’s no escaping it.

This year I have attended a couple of weddings and I want to let you peek into one of the weddings I’ve been to recently.

Last November 17, my friends Abi and Desi finally took their vows of “till death do as part” and made it official.

When Abi got engaged, we all knew that it was going to be a beach wedding and we definitely knew where it was going to be held. So, as soon as the date was finalized my friends and I immediately booked a hotel and our plane tickets to the beautiful island of — Boracay!

Abi honored me by being one of her bridesmaids. (And yes the count of my bridesmaid dresses has begun!)

For our gowns, Abi supplied us with the fabric and gave us the liberty to choose our own designs/tailor just as long as we keep to the theme: A simple white grecian dress.

Both our dresses were designed and done by Tess Enrile
Michelle x Hannah
Our dresses were done by Tita Tess Enrile
It was a white beach wedding, so obviously everyone was required to come in all white, except for the men who wore tan colored pants.

The Entourage
The Entourage
the bride,and her bridesmaids
the bride and her maids
The bride wore a simple yet very pretty tube dress which was complimented by a lovely veil.

The Bride
The Bride
with the other bridesmaids. My friends Michelle(L) and Janis (R)
With my friends Michelle(L) and Janis (R)
Thank you Doris Cheong for our make up!
The beach wedding venue set up was simple. White chairs, white flowers, cute little wooden signboards with quotes written on them and the best of all a dirty ice cream vendor! (Ice cream all you want!)

The ceremony was wonderfully officiated by the bride's uncle
The bride’s uncle officiated the wedding.
During the reception, the program was quite simple and short. There were messages from the bride’s father, from the groom’s son, a short video clip, the cutting of the cake and some toast here and there. (Thank God they skipped the games!)

Desi and Abi also made sure that their guests were entertained.

There was a fire works display, some fire dancers came and WOWed us, and of course — party music.

Fire dancers x DJ Marlon x grouppo Tribale
Fire dancers x DJ Marlon x grouppo Tribale
lighting up the sky
As soon as Abi and Desi were done with their first dance and extending their thank you’s, everyone was ready for the dance floor.

Bride and groom warming up the dance floor
Bride and groom warming up the dance floor
The groom and his friends showing us some UMD moves.
The groom and his friends showing us some UMD moves.
the gang the gang
Party people
Party people
Our group and the newly weds!

Our group and the newly weds!

There are a lot more party photos but due to some restrictions and for dignity’s sake, I do not regret to say, we’re keeping the rest of the photos private! Hahaha.

Earlier I mentioned something about not being a fan of attending weddings… I’m still not. Probably you’re thinking “she looked like she had fun tho.” Well, I didn’t just have fun — I had a BLAST!

Congratulations Desi and Abi
Photos by: Alex Ruelo and James Valenzuela of Imagine Nation
Wedding Coordinator: Amanda Tirol of Boracay Weddings

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