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I got 99 problems, but my hair ain’t one.

“Hair trends come and go, but hair that is silky, full of bounce and incredible shine will never go out of style,” says David Lopez, one of today’s most in demand celebrity, editorial and session stylists. “My Amazing Blow Dry Secret is my new secret and a vital tool for my editorial and session work. My clients have high demands, and thanks to My Amazing Blow Dry Secret, I’m able to deliver stunning results in about half the time—which is so important when I’m on set or styling VIPs for a special event. I know that every woman will leave my chair with shiny, bouncy, healthy looking hair. Now that the secret’s out, every woman can have those same results every day at home!”

I can only think of a hundred reasons why I hate having to blow dry my hair every morning (if I had to, anyway). Most of it boil down to two reasons:

1. No time!
2. Frizzy hair everywhere.

Two reasons that can make anyone give up, two reasons why you should hear this product out (Do I sound like I got paid for this or what?) :-)

A good hair day for me is somehow rare to come by these days, so I was one lucky gal to experience a special good hair day at Tokyo Posh yesterday via our good friends from Browhaus & Strip Manila.

Serious hair biz:

mabds logo FA

What’s the Secret to Amazing Hair in Half the Time?

It’s My Amazing Blow Dry SecretTM — three new products that speed up the evaporation of water, as they hydrate and protect your hair during blow drying and styling.

My Amazing Blow Dry Secret

Now your clients can have the shiny, bouncy, silky hair they’ve always dreamed of—in just half the time it usually takes to style their hair—thanks to My Amazing Blow Dry SecretTM. This new hair care collection features just three products— Quick Dry Shake’n SprayTM, the only product you and your clients need for faster, stress-free styling, plus a special Shampoo and Conditioner — which speed up the evaporation of water, as the formulas hydrate and protect the hair during blow drying and styling.

Shake N Spray | my Amazing Blow Dry Secret

A multipurpose styler for all hair types that’s great for saving you time in the salon and saving your clients time at home,
Quick Dry Shake’n Spray features an exclusive two-part formula with quick-dry agents in the top clear half, and conditioners, moisturizers, thermal protectors and frizz-fighters in the bottom pink half. Just shake them together to blend the ingredients and spray onto damp hair. The quick-dry agents evaporate rapidly, taking the water with them, drying hair up to 50% faster. At the same time, the conditioners, moisturizers, protectors and frizz-fighters remain on the hair, leaving it healthy, bouncy and shiny. To restyle during the day, simply have your clients spray Quick Dry Shake’n Spray onto dry hair for thermal protection, plus additional UV protection and shine.
For a luxurious cleansing and conditioning experience that helps dry hair even faster, My Amazing Blow Dry Secret’s Shampoo and Conditioner feature an exclusive coconut oil-based water-wicking system. Scientifically known as the Virgin Coconut Oil Hydrosol (VCOH) Accelerating Dispersion Matrix, it disperses the water throughout the hair, so it can evaporate faster.

VCOH Diagram | My Amazing Blowdry Secret

Here’s how:

• Natural, fractionated, cold processed virgin coconut oil hydrosol, a special form of coconut oil with super-fine molecules, disperses quickly through the hair, taking the water with it and helping it evaporate much faster.
• When the water evaporates, the ultra fine coconut oil clings to the hair, carrying the moisturizers, heat protectants, frizz- fighters and shine enhancers, so they remain on the hair even after rinsing.


Eena | My Amazing Blow Dry Secret | Tokyo Posh

Suggested retail prices are Php 1,200 (300mL) bottle of Shampoo, Php1,200 (300mL) bottle of Conditioner and Php1,250 (200mL) bottle of Quick Dry Shake’n Spray. Php2998 for a set of 3 (Shampoo, Conditioner and Quick Dry Shake’n Spray)

Available: At all STRIP Manila stores.
STRIP Serendra, 2F Serendra, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig T 632.9010892
STRIP GreenBelt 5, 4F GreenBelt 5, Legaspi Street, Ayala Center, Makati City
T 632.5013998

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  1. i haver super thick curley med legnth hair, i have been a cosmetologist for 25 yrs. i have never seen a product like this!! it actually did cut my drying time in half and im a HARD SELL haha… i want to market this!! thank you so much:)))))))

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