Weekend by fits and starts; Classic KSWISS x BB Secrets

Echoing in a hollow space between cement and tin roof, fireworks crackle at 5am. Signaling the start of the day’s festivities. We are a country of fiestas, after all.

Shuffling of feet and a growing sound of chatter heard from outside my window, it’s starting. And I’m awake. There’s a sense of dread building in the pit of my stomach. No use denying it. There will be a crowd. There will be noise. I really don’t understand the need to turn up the mic volume up high. Are these people deaf? Let people sleep, please.

Pitter, pitter, patter, pat, pat, pat. From where I was sitting, I saw the skies promised a cool, rainy day ahead. Sparked a hope that the forecasted crowd that will converge for the celebrations will disperse earlier than usual. I decided to put a distance between the ruckus happening across the street and myself in the meantime; drown myself in coffee, Drake, and writing for a few hours. Elsewhere.

Mid-way through my usual preps, I decided to road test a product.

BB Secrets Beauty Balm in Medium SPF 15, Collection Cosmetics, Brit Invasion, makeup review | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion, Lifestyle

BB SECRETS Beauty Balm in Medium (SPF 15) by Collection Cosmetics

Literature says that this product offers:

  • all the benefits of BB technology giving you a radiant, flawless skin
  • great coverage for an even skin tone with its all-in-one moisturising and skin perfecting properties
  • SPF15 to offer protection from UVA and UVB

Available shades: Light and Medium

I prefer minimal to no makeup on these trips. I’d usually just slather on moisturiser and drive off with just a dab of lip gloss or eyeliner. Sometimes, I’d use concealer on them I’m-tired-and-I-haven’t-slept-well-for-a-week-now occasions. Hm. I guess, if I’d trust the literature, this tube might be a good option.

Let’s see. Today, since it’s the first try, I’m not expecting much.

Sasha Manuel, Tog du jour, FOTD, ASOS | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion, Lifestyle
Top Cropped Navy and Grey Bold Stripe Batwing Sweater, ASOS

FOTD Quickie

Face BB Secrets Beauty Balm in Medium, Collection Cosmetics
Eye/Brow Eye Kohl in Smolder, MAC / Brow Definer in Warm, Laura Mercier / Opulash Optimum Black Mascara, MAC
Lip PRO Longwear Lip Pencil in More to Love, MAC / Lustre in Cockney, MAC / Lip gloss in Quartz, Laura Mercier

First impressions on the BB SECRETS Beauty Balm in Medium
  • Easy to apply, not too greasy
  • Shade is apt for my skin tone
  • Coverage is light, IMO, I might need to use up the entire tube before I achieve the “flawless” skin bit, if at all (seriously, these companies should stop claiming their products are effective in achieving that flawless state, haha)
  • Skin did look somewhat healthy, radiant
  • I can feel that I have the product on, tho
  • Interesting that it helped control areas of my skin from oiling up (will have to see how this will work on a warmer day)

Again, this is just the first time I’ve used it. I’ll work on providing an update after I’ve used the product more. Still taking notes! If you have questions, feel free to let me know so I can look into finding you an answer (if I still don’t have it, haha). And, yea, I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve tried this product as well.

BB SECRETS Beauty Balm retails for only Php 249.00 at selected counters located in places like Metro Gaisano Department Store in Alabang, The Ramp Glorietta, Landmark Makati, Watsons at SM Aura Premier, etc.

Know more about Collection Cosmetics here.

Tog du jour highlight: KSWISS canvas sneaks <3

Sasha Manuel, Tog du jour, KSWISS, canvas court shoe, sneakers, kicks, classics | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion, Lifestyle


The pair dates back to the late 80’s, a pasalubong (gift) from my mom when she came back from a US trip. It’s my 2nd pair. My first was a white leather classic, complete with them metal rings for laces. This one’s the canvas court shoe still with the metal rings. Yes, it’s still around and INTACT. Awesome, RIGHT? I remember getting blisters around my ankles back when it was new. One thing I associate with KSWISS shoes is the fact that the materials are way too tough for my young skin — er, I lead a more active lifestyle back then, haha. I had a totally different style back when I was younger, haha. But let’s save that for another day.

Something new and something old for a rainy weekend. How was yours?

Sasha <3
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