From NY to PI: LeBunny Bleu Now in Manila

Shoe lovers unite and celebrate the arrival of shoe brand Le Bunny Bleu in Manila! Originating in New York, Le Bunny Bleu channels retro influences, showcasing ‘hipster cool’ and the effortless character of European style. The signature shoes run from classic to avant-garde and include oxfords, slip-ons, loafers, espadrilles, ballet flats, sandals, and fashion sneakers.

Le Bunny Bleu celebrates the casual elegance of famous vintage icons of the fifties to the seventies era, such as Bridgette Bardot, Jean Seberg, and Audrey Hepburn, who wore this look so well. Romantic vintage dressing is currently experiencing a renaissance in today’s urban fashion scene.

Since its creation in 2009, Le Bunny Bleu has quickly expanded to 10 countries and now has over 100 stores around the world in the US, UK, Hongkong, Japan, Chin, Korea, SG, Russia, Brazil, and now the Philippines.

The Shangri-La Plaza flagship store currently carries the spring/summer 2013 collection, offering over 100 styles per season. The brand’s second branch is opening in Glorietta 5 on July 30.





Romantic and vintage may not exactly be my personal style, but I just had to go there and check it out for myself. I was hoping to see some of the metal toed oxfords they have at the NY store (W
Yeah, Google!), but then had my eyes on a pair of black/neon sandals that just happened to match my dress. Did someone say dibs? :D

Spotted faves:





Bunny cupcakes, bunny shaped choc’lit chip cookies, with bunny eared DJ playing some Catpower x The Smiths mashups. Oh and endless coffee & ginger ale from The Curator! The works. Gotta hand it to these folks, hey.





Thank you, LeBunny!

Price range: P1,995 to P2,895
Le Bunny Bleu stores are at 5/F, Bridgeway, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, and at 2/F Glorietta 5.
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  1. I want to try the Le Bunny Cookies :)

  2. Just happen to pass by… Loving those bunny ears, by the way! Haha!

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