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More than two weeks ago, shortly after I landed, I updated a few of my SocMed accounts with a partial photo of a feature that carried a caption that stated, “Manila welcomed me with coffee and a feature on Manila Bulletin’s Style Weekend ♥ oh yea, and traffic. Great to be back!”

It certainly took me a while to share it with the rest of you folks here on Style Manila. I reckon, I’m only just coming out of my travel mode. This usually results in a self-imposed sabbatical, seemingly like taking a vacation from my vacation. But, yea, here it is!

Lovely Days

The universe has a weird sense of humour — folks who are in on it will understand the significance of the title, haha. No, I didn’t have a hand in coming up with it!

Lovely Days, Woman @ Work, Style Weekend, Manila Bulletin, Press Mention, Sasha Manuel | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle
“Lovely Days” | Sasha Manuel featured in Woman @ Work
of Style Weekend, a fashion and lifestyle magazine of Manila Bulletin | 01 March 2013

So. I don’t own a scanner and too lazy to use the big camera to take a snap of the 2-page spread (!!! — I hadn’t expected it to be that big, haha). I hope this will do. If you’re interested to read the article, here’s a screen from the Manila Bulletin website (click the image for a larger view):

Sasha Manuel on Style Weekend, Manila Bulletin, Woman @ Work | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

Or head on over to the article and have a read!

Here’s also a quick guideline to help connect each outfit photo with the proper caption (I also included links to posts with outfit breaks:


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Friday AM

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Friday PM

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‘Tis always a treat to experience such things. I’m grateful to the folks from Style Weekend and Manila Bulletin, esp Maris (hope to see you again soon and thanks again for the feature)! Oh yea, if you happen to visit my blog through the feature, hallo! I appreciate the visit and do say hi. I’d love to hear from you!

Sasha <3
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