Catapulted back to a time when firsts are fresh and school is cool. Clutching metal lunchboxes and worrying about who you’ll sit next to in the school bus, life seemed larger and mysterious and exciting at that time. In a lot of ways, it still is. Granted you still see it through a child’s eye.

A little fun styling experiment inspired by my sister’s farewell gift. Life art book, as she calls it, has a photo of me when I was little, pudgy, and cheeks were a truckload chunkier than they are now. I was wearing my school uniform and a huge, uninhibited smile. I knew I was going to tell the whole world (er, more like the handful of people who read my blog, haha) about the gift and this idea came to me since I’ve been doing a lot of pairing experiments and outfit photos.

Look, it’s Sasha in her Montessori-inspired outfit.

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Not typically something I’d wear so how I was able to put something like it together and pull it off, is a wonder. I must add that I am currently traveling so I’m doing all this out of a suitcase. Who would’ve thought I’d be able to wear the Mango wrap skirt, which I bought on my last trip to Singapore (2011), this way? Just shows you can create outfits out of what you already have. You simply need to get to know your wardrobe better.

Top Mossimo
Skirt Mango
Sandals Jeffrey Campbell

Peanuts: I actually don’t wear short skirts when I was in school. I like my school uniform LONG. I reckon I hold the record for wearing the longest skirt back in highschool, which often gets me into trouble with the prefect (best buds!). That and my tardiness (not my fault, serious!).

Sasha Manuel, accessories, Tog du jour, outfits, lookbook, Montessori uniform, school uniform inspired outfit | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

And then the accessories. I love accessorising. I try not to overdo it and be flashy but sometimes, it’s quite hard to settle on one thing to wear so they’re included in the pairing experiments. A bit of trivia, I actually have a special case packed in my luggage that’s dedicated to accessories alone. It was somewhat bare when I left Manila but, as usual, I’m going back with it filled to the brim, haha.

Necklaces Lotus, Sportsgirl, Aldo
Rings Chick Flick, Sportsgirl
Arm Band Sportsgirl
Earrings Heirloom
Studs Target
Ear Cuff Sportsgirl
Bag Cotton On

Yea, yea. I know I won’t get away with wearing this much jewellery with a uniform. If I do, I’ll be spending an afternoon in the prefect’s office — more than I already had back when I was in school.

I must admit that the necklace stack wouldn’t have worked had it not been for the Valentine’s gift I received from my sister.

Lotus, Australia, Gift, Necklace, Tiered necklace, Tassel, love heart | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

I esp love the barrel chain (I want the real kind of that one!) and the love heart. <3 Yea, 30 years and minus the knee-high socks and maryjanes later, the outfit turned out to be somewhat faithful to the original methinks. I know I don't own the ribbon blouse thing-y but, hey, one must go with what she has! Besides, I reckon the 5-year old version of this look is waaaaay better. And appropriate. Lulz. To get a better idea of what I'm talking about, you should read this post: The Road to Happy. And you’d get to see how the life art book looks like!

So, how did your school uniform look like?

Sasha <3

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  1. Sweet of your sister to give you that gift. I love the necklace! Your outfit is cute, too! I don’t rmember wearing uniforms when I was young. This is a fun read!

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