On Style Transitions, Mocs and the Leopard Print

Dry spell. A long stretch of monotonous events that had your style genius exiled to dullsville. Indolence shadowing you, no matter how hard you try to shake it off. You just need a glimpse of a colour amidst all the pastiness. Your situation necessitates a change perhaps. How would you go about it?

Many of us have our own set of reasons why we consider shopping as therapy. Buying that pair of jeans you’ve always wanted does make you feel good, esp when it fits you perfectly. Putting on that new pair shoes will create a smile that tear up your face. Personally, though shopping is all that (and more) to me, it also helps me add certain pieces to my wardrobe when I reach the point of a style shift. It doesn’t happen overnight. In my case, it’s a gradual process which includes a lot of mood swings and involves a good deal of personal space. I can be weird like that, haha.

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Style Transition

Fashion trends are an interesting way of going about a style change. Countless fads are introduced by the media, relying on the style savvy masses to latch on one or several for fashion houses to capitalise on. Have you noticed how certain designs end up somehow in several fashion stores? This reminds me of a paneled leather sling I bought from Topshop at a premium, only to find Cotton On offering a very similar looking bag at a quarter of its price (theirs is made out of cheaper materials, of course). That’s why no matter how much I’d love to try a particular trend, I also think about longevity and cohesiveness. I still think investing in classic pieces is best.

However, I also like jazzing up my wardrobe by gradually injecting trendy items piece by piece. Case in point, this new pair of Rubi shoes I recently bought from Cotton OnWestfield Shopping Centre, Marion.

Mocs, Molly, Moccasin, Shoes, Rubi, Cotton On, Australia | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle


Interesting trivia, I also bought a pair of Leather Moccasins from Witchery on my last trip to Australia. I admit that I do like this shoe design. It’s simple, no fuss — come to think of it, it’s an anti-frilly style element. At least, that’s how I see it. It’s preppy, conservative, and belongs to the fashion class that includes: argyle sweaters, chinos, and boat shoes.

Leopard Print, Molly, Moccasin, Shoes, Rubi, Cotton On, Australia | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

The Leopard Print

Of all the animal prints, the leopard is a favourite. I remember my very first piece in leopard print: a turtle neck short-sleeve top made of a glossy, elastic material that I wore in the early 2000’s (I think I either gave it away or binned it, haha — I’ll have to check analog photo archives to see if I can find proof of its existence). On shoes, I remember Marno, a pair of leopard print peep-toe pumps from Syrup. I loved that pair. Here are a couple of old outfit posts to reminisce: Beige, Brown, Bronze and Golden Hues and Valet. Generally, this print gives a thing a very worldly, mature appearance; a touch of provocativeness depending on how it is rendered and worked into a look. Sooooo, having the print on the mocs gave the shoe style a twist. Gives off an air that’s enigmatic and an impression, oblique.

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Though they’ve introduced heeled mocs, I like ‘em nice and flat. Well, I did notice that I prefer wearing flat footwear lately (must be the age, haha). I actually find it more challenging to come up with smashing outfits that involves my wearing flats, either a shoe or sandal. Quite useful for those of folks, like myself, who travel a lot. Travel equals a lot of walking. You wouldn’t want to ruin your trip with sore feet and a sour mood.

Psyched to wear the it. I’ll try to share an outfit I’d come up with if I can.

Retailed for AUD$ 19.95 (roughly around Php 860.00), I found out that the pair was on sale for AUD$15 (roughly around Php 645.00) but I was charged full price. Not exactly happy about that, people from Cotton On. Hmpft.

P.S. Cotton On stocks Rubi Shoes (just to inform those who may have missed that bit).

STYLEMANILA POP QUIZ: How would you wear Mocs in Leopard Print? Let me know and I’ll give you a shoutout plus a pair of Rubi Mocs (only for Philippine residents) if you get the most likes ’til the 13th of February, 11:59pm!

How to join:
Create your style board on Polyvore (sample)
Upload it on your own Facebook profile with a caption (make sure it’s public so I can see it!): “StyleManila.com Pop Quiz Entry: How I’d wear Mocassins in Leopard Print” or a Tumblr post or Instagram photo post with the same title/caption.
Let me know about your entry by tagging the StyleManila FB page (no, you don’t have to like the page to tag it but if you would, I’d appreciate it!) (for FB entries) or this post (for Tumblr entries) or my Instagram @sashamanuel (for Instagram entries) and leave a comment below to make sure.

How to win: the style board with most likes. Easy, eh?

Important Note: Rules are rules, ok? You can be disqualified if you fail to meet any of the conditions set. If you need to clarify anything, feel free to leave a comment. Also, let’s make this a fun activity amongst members of the Style Manila community by exploring the style ideas entered and comment on them. I’m truly interested to get to know bona fide Style Manila readers so I’d love it if you can say hi. Btw, this is in celebration of the blog’s 6th year anniversary.

Break the spell. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Sasha <3

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