Ozone Holidaze: Print Crazy at St. Kilda & The Great Ocean Road; Melbourne

Land of Oz, land of 15% percent higher exposure to UV rays. Yeah, I was warned. I’m +/- an hour drive away from several pretty beaches around, so what the heck, right? Just slather on some extra sun protection and adiooos, skin cancer! :P

St. Kilda
Temperature: 37 C

First hottest day of December in Melbourne and my friend Lor and I were just one tram stop away from losing it. Heat + public transport with almost no ventilation + people = hello, insanity. All we could think about was BEACH! WATER! COLD WATER! COLD BEER! GET AWAY FROM ME PEOPLE!… Heatstroke at its finest, haha.

Finally we get there: Bikini, check. Sunblock, check.
We ran to the shore aaaand we stopped. What the hell? The left part of the beach was filled with some dark unexplainable gunk. I look back at the rest of the beach: creamy sand. Look back at the water: dark green water.
Has there been a recent oil spill somewhere near? If there was, people didn’t seem to care as they were going about their business. Seriously? Lor and I couldn’t help but compare this to the beaches of the P.I. and how we often take them for granted. Clear water vs This. Whatever that was.

Above: Simulation of shocked/angry/heated expressions from found gunky water

Later on we found out from some locals that St. Kilda isn’t the best beach to swim in. Actually, it’s not known for swimming at all but for lazing around the shore and have a drink or two at some of the cafes and bars nestled around the area. But it is the nearest beach (just one tram away) from the city. I’m guessing people escape to this beach if they have a few hours to spare to get some color, and later on retreat to their jobs and whatnot. Still pretty nifty as we don’t really have a beach in Manila that’s located 30 minutes away by train that we can run to whenever our bosses decide to give us problems. So fine, points for accessibility. And points for the theme park beside it!

A few sangrias in and a casual beach volley match and we were ready to call it a day. Next thing to do on the next hot day: FIND A BETTER BEACH.

Torquay, Great Ocean Road
Temperature: 36 C

Quiksilver. Piping Hot. Rip Curl. These famous surfer brands hold HQ at the Surfer’s Plaza at Torquay, the gateway to the Great Ocean Road, and home of the famous Bells Beach that hosts the longest running surf competition in the world – the Rip Curl Pro Surf & Music Festival – held every Easter. (Read: Kelly Slater! Mick Fanning! Unnnnnf…)

Above: Snack shack serving one of the best ham & guacamole sandwiches EVER.

Sadly, waves were relatively flat with chances of small peelers. But enough for Lor’s younger sister to learn a bit of surfing. First time to surf and it had to be at Torquay’s Surfer Beach with a wetsuit to boot. Not too shabby…

Wetsuits vs The Cold. Thank you KMart for the emergency swimmers!

Surfboard Rental: AUD 20/2hrs

Honestly, I don’t really like the idea of wet suits. Feeling like a burrito in the middle of the ocean in a Great White Shark country is not so comforting. But hello icy cold Australian waters! Where’s MY wet suit?! Have no idea how people can get used to this…

Above: Beach life. Print crazy. Scarf used as head band, handwoven by our native Igorot crew back home! Reprazzeeent, lol. :P

So I lied about the title. I didn’t really get to cross The Great Ocean Road per se. No photo of the famous Twelve Apostles either. :(
Ahhhwell, hopefully Sasha can do better as she’s headed to Melbourne this week! AWESOME :-)

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  1. I did get to go to The Twelve Apostles on my South Australia > Victoria > New South Wales road trip (I reckon twas on day 3) and I hope I’d get to share a few snaps soon! <3 I like what you were wearing on the collage! More, please. ;-)

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