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He decides to take out his laptop to check emails and the presentation on Keynote, thinking that he might as well get a bit more work done while waiting. Broads do take their time, eh? It’s just dinner and she looks mighty fine the way she is.

Clothes. Check. Shoes. Check. Makeup and hair. Check. Hm. The lady still has an odd feeling that there’s something missing.

He’s beginning to think that he just might develop a tick watching his little lady breezily strut in and out of the bedroom like an adorable tornado of a woman that she is. He decidedly just grabbed her and planted a kiss that ruined her freshly applied lipstick.

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The change was a struggle. From wanting the transition to go smoothly or timed perfectly or go quickly to wishing someone else can do it for me because I know it can be time consuming. Certainly took me long enough. I had to break down the tasks in simple parts so that as the change is rolled out, it won’t feel like birthing a ginormous watermelon that you’d rather have yourself cut open than go through imagining that thing coming out of you.

The why’s. Well, simply put, it’s time for a change and I’m glad that it’s done. Er, sort of.

Yes, after 4 years, Style Manila now has a new layout. I’m still trying out some other stuff so feel free to send in some feedback if you want to have a hand on the final touches of the new look.

However, after weeks of prep and execution, I reckon a break will do me good. I’m a firm believer of celebrating even the tiniest of achievements. Go, grab your drink. I’ve already downed half of mine.


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  1. Lovely new design. I like it. =)

  2. Nice!!! Congrats! :D

  3. The blog looks clean and very pink! I like it.

  4. Thanks, Frances and Daphne! :D

  5. Congrats on the new look!

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