Jewelry Heirlooms and Weekend Reverie

Thinking about the future would always bring me to look at the past. Antecedents. Where I came from. From little accounts of the extraordinary to people who fought to live a life so I can have mine. This weekend’s reverie touched on remembering what I had and lost; what I experienced and found sense. Mind filled with significant nuances and reverence, I take time to voice out the value gained. Choosing to believe in possibilities and merit, I highlight ornaments that hold a bit of my history: heirlooms.

I choose to revel in what I remember and learn from the things I ought to forget. Keepsakes, however diminutive or precious, are or should be highly regarded. Let it precipitate deeds effecting an immutable echo — emblematic, defining, panegyric.

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Wearing the Kariza Vintage Sari as a skirt on a Sunday afternoon jaunt inspired me to wear my heirlooms.

The Diamond ring is a legacy from my grandmother and from my mother, a Jade ring, which was the first piece of jewelry that she bought.

Do you possess heirlooms? Do you intend to continue this tradition?

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  1. I wish I own heirlooms. My family doesn’t have that kind of tradition. Those are gorgeous rings!

  2. Hi Sasha! Lovely jewelry! Would you know where I can find Kariza style long dresses in Manila? Thank you

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