Ever New x Block Pleat Skirt, Electric Dream and Black

First time to traipse around the grounds of Bonifacio High Street Central and spotted a fashion store called, “Ever New” from Melbourne. Australian fashion brand called Ever New? That’s probably the same as the Forever New store I frequented when I was in Australia. They probably just went with a re-brand lest they get labeled as a Forever21 copy, I told my friends. Guess what? My theories were confirmed by the store clerk as we engaged in a light chatter while she was ringing up my purchase.

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Belle Colour Block Pleat Skirt in Electric Dream and Black, Ever New

Something I’d like to appreciate right now is how some brands would meticulously label their products rather than just putting some alphanumeric SKU and a barcode. Seeing how they chose to name it something as special as “electric dream” rather than just plain blue.

And, yes, I’m currently obsessed with skirts right now. Bought this pleat skirt when I got back last month. Retailed for Php 2,180.00.

Store staff mentioned that the brand will be bringing in the rich style flavours of Studio 54 — something that reminded me of the flair I witnessed during Q2 of 2011 from Sportgirl when I was in Australia. Would account for a few pieces I bought then so I’m interested with the possible changes and variety they’ll put on their racks.

How ’bout you? Bought anything new lately?

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  1. I love skirts! I wish there are more stores that sell different designs. Where else have you checked?


  1. […] cami in this gloomy weather seems a bit off. But I did and I even initially wanted to pair it with the Ever New skirt but that pairing seemed a bit off as well. It lead me to go for more edge trimmed for daytime wear, […]

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