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A possible reason behind a particular fancy can be extracted from a prevailing fondness for a specific detail that attracts estimation of what is subconsciously appealing. Do you believe that your choices contribute in anatomising your nature? The way your preference would lean towards branded ware all the way down to the fact that you opt to wear accessories at all, let alone the sort of brand or accessory you wear. But I’m not here to pass judgments since I believe that each individual has his or her own reason and is responsible for the choices they make. May it be that they seek a conventional definition to their personality or the unorthodox (or perhaps a mix of both), let’s all simply hope that this is aimed not to artificially inflate the ego but to truly better themselves. Accessories, after all, are meant to complement what is already there.

Enough of my pensive prattle, I do not mean to sound condescending (apologies, eeep). Think of it as a categorical opinion which you are free to heed or ignore, haha. Now, on to the subject of feathers — a choice that leaves me confounded. I’ve noticed lately that I’ve grown a penchant for them things: Feather Accessories.

Feather Necklaces

Feather long necklace, gold chain, Aldo | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle
Double Feather Long Necklace, Aldo Accessories

Two recent purchases from Aldo Accessories involved long gold and silver chains with pendants that had feather designs rendered differently. I’m currently in the market for long pendant necklaces and I ended up with somewhat similar items.

Feather long necklace, silver chain, Aldo | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle
Embellished Feather Long Necklace, Aldo Accessories

I did say I needed something to distract me from wearing the Chick Flick necklace, yea? (See that necklace worn here) Well, these two have proven to be quite useful in that regard.

Of course, the subject reminded me of the other accessories that goes into accordance with the Feather theme:

Feather Ring

Feather, Wing, statement ring, Chick Flick accessories | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle
Feather / Wing Statement Ring, Chick Flick

Another accessory favourite is the Feather/Wing Statement Ring from Chick Flick which I bought a few months back. I reckon I already told you about it, yes? Still a staple accessory in most of the outfits I put together.

Feather Cuff

Feather, statement cuff, Sportsgirl, accessories | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle
Embellished Feather Cuff, Sportsgirl

Now, this piece is already over a year old. I bought the Embellished Feather Cuff at Sportsgirl on my last Australia trip. Still the most gorgeous trinket of a cuff that I’ve ever bought. Can’t help it if I’m partial to my accessory choices, haha. Here’s an outfit post wherein I wore it.

Feather Earrings — Oh, do you remember the, No, I did not kill a Peacock. statement I made a few years back? Peacock feathers became all the rage that time, huh? Ah, memories.

Anyway, when I figure out the reason behind my current feather fancy, I’ll let you folks know. I’ll have to be content with the thought that I find them pleasant enough to wear and stop looking for meaning behind my feather choice. Over analyse, much? Lulz.

How about you? What sort of accessory do you fancy right now? Do you like feather accessories like I do?

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  1. All of them are gorgeous!!

  2. I have been searching high and low for that Also double feather necklace. Mine has tarnished. Could you please tell me when and what store you bought it? Also, head office mentions that they can locate the necklace for me if I know the actual name or style number. Do you still have the bill for this with either of those on it?

    I am really hoping that you can help me as I am devastated about my necklace as I get so many compliments on it. Also I have just found a product on line that prevents such tarnishing on cheap jewelry.


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