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If you were able to grab a copy of Business World newspaper last Friday, 30 March 2012, you would’ve chanced upon an feature article that talked about Summer trends. I received a set of interview questions via email last week and managed to squeeze in a response right smack in the middle of making a report and a conference call. Grateful that the special features writer still considered using my somewhat brief input in her article.

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Here’s the verbatim Q&As for those of you who weren’t able to read it but still curious to know what it was all about. Perhaps you’d be able to find my answers useful, too. Esp if you’re wondering what to shop for this season.

BW: For women, what are ideal summer lounge wear items?

Short rompers, maxi and midi – skirts/dresses made of light-weight fabrics. Non-denim wide-leg pants. Dresses – drop waist, etc. (see accessories list) and a few other combinations from the upcoming trends for summer.

BW: For women, what are ideal summer party clothes?

Shimmer. From shiny, textured tops in classic black and silver or gold and tan combos coupled with short skirt or shorts (non-denim, of course) or cropped skinnies for in-city parties to street and rocker-inspired and boho ensembles for festivals and other outdoor events.

BW: For women, what are ideal outfits for beach or road trip vacations?

Shorts, cutoffs, shirts and anything boho-inspired looks. As long as the wearer puts emphasis on comfort, e.g. wears sandals, light-weight fabrics

BW: What are must-have fashion accessories for women this summer?

Statement cuffs. Statement earrings (i.e. dramatic, cascading earrings with decadent details and modern geometric shapes). Stacked varied elements, tassel, lace or leather necklaces.

BW: What are the upcoming fashion trends for women this summer season?
(patterns, colors, styles, etc.)

Monochromatic ensembles in earthy colours and neutrals for some, nude hues and pretty sherbet colours (or pastels) for others. Exotic Hawaiian prints or large scale botanical prints. Then there’s this growing appreciation for Emerald green and Indigo-blue. Woven accessories (bags and shoes). Sporty or Atheletic items incorporated to street wear or city-glam looks. Ankle straps in shoes. Floral appliques in dresses, tops and accessories. Envelop skirts (asymmetrical center slits), short or midis. Metal buckled belts. Drop waist dresses (think, 1920s style dresses). low-slung skinnies.
Gold eye shadow or liners. Burgundy Lips and candy-coloured nail lacquers. Of course, should be applied in moderation.

BW: How can people have a chic summer wardrobe even on a tight budget?

If you’re planning on buying something that’s trendy, go for ones that you know you can also wear off-season. You will save loads if you do. Think longevity than making a splash when it comes to planning and wearing outfits. Study style pegs and rummage through your own closet for items that are best candidates to play the part in the outfit. Shopping at Tiangges and even ukay-ukay can produce great fashion finds.

BW: What tips can you give for updating one’s wardrobe for this summer?

Trends rotate. It’s all a matter of taking care of previous items bought. You’ll realise that you’ll be able to wear something you bought a couple of years ago again. Master the art of mix and match plus careful layering. And a great pair of sunnies and carefully picked accessories will always help amp an outfit. And, yea, come up with outfit combos that make certain items/colours pop, e.g. simple denim shorts and white shirt combo worn with a pair of pink flats — will give you an updated look.

BW: What would you consider as classic summer wardrobe items?

Singlets, breezy tops, flip-flops, sandals, shorts/cutoffs, sunnies, summer dresses (including maxi-dresses), a carry-all tote or a handy sling bag.

Business World, Stylin' in the Sun - Sasha Manuel, Press Mention | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

Thanks, Gianna Villavicencio for taking the time to get in touch with me and for the feature. Your article was an interesting read.

And you, Style Manila readers, I hope you found value in my sharing this with you. Hope everyone’s having a fabulous Summer!

Cheers and don’t forget to put on SPF!


P.S. Note to self: I should update my About page somewhere since I’m no longer an “independent copywriter” #justsaying that’s, like, ages ago, last time I took on copywriting work, gah.

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