Weekend at The Pen, Part 1 | Let’s talk clutches and purses

It’s Friday Night. You quickly took a last glance at the mirror, checked to see if your lipstick’s still in place. Waiting at the other side of the door are your girls and the rest of the night. You know not to leave your purse, which holds all the night’s essentials. You step into the night ready to embrace what stoke you’d get from hanging out with your favourite people and Jack.

Have you ever really given it a second thought? I mean, do you know what makes a bag THE right bag for a girl’s night out? I have but I find that, though I would make sure that I have options perfect for any sort of night out, I would often end up using one of my favourites.

Sasha Manuel, Clutch - Julian Louie for Aldo | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion, Lifestyle

Right now, I’m smitten with my Julian Louie for Aldo clutch. I’ve been lugging around like crazy for the past couple of weeks — including the night that marked the start of my mini-holiday weekend at The Peninsula Manila (the entire weekend, actually), twas the bag I had opted to use.

The clutch is a bit casual for night outs (esp if you’re hitting the clubs) but since the weekend involved packing, I wanted to stick with just one main bag.

Eena Acuna, Silver Purse | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion, Lifestyle

As for Style Manila contributing blogger Eena Acuña, her preference for that holiday weekend leaned towards a more compact but shimmery silver sling purse. It’s fab, festive and feminine. I appreciate the surprising contrast it had with her style choices for the weekend and how this bag choice made sense.

How about you? If you were to spend a weekend with your girls, what sort of bag will we see you lugging around? Do share! [To make thing interesting, here’s a mini-giveaway — if you create a collection on Pinspire, you’ll get a chance at winning a lipstick from me by the end of the week! Just leave the URL of your bag-inspired collection/board in a comment below.]

P.S. I’ll try to work on publishing the next installment soon.

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  1. I’ve no idea — am always toting my work bag :(

  2. To inspire you, maybe it’s time for you to shop for a new evening bag, Tara :)

  3. Here’s my bag-inspired board:



  4. I love your clutch, Sasha! My bag-inspired collection: http://www.pinspire.com/hb63/handbag-Heaven

  5. Hey Nadine and Hunter, shoot me an email sasha@stylemanila.com! Send me your shipping info:

    Full name
    Mailing address
    Contact number (preferably mobile #)


  6. Hey Ms. Sasha! :) Email sent. Thank you soo much! You have an amazing blog :))


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