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If you ask me to go shop gifts for women, I just might not run out of ideas but if asked to do the same for men then I might find myself in a bind. It has always been a trying task. For some odd reason, I find it hard to come up with interesting gift ideas for guys. This past Christmas have been one of the many Christmases that asked me to take up that challenge so I reckon today might be a good time to share some of the more novel ideas, at least in my case, that I chanced on.

Of course, gadgets (or some tech-related gizmo) will capture a guy’s heart but for the frugal, better to go for items that are a little easier on the pocket. Knickknacks and gadget accessories, for example.

Crumpler, Hisense | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

Getting him something that he may need but would not get around to getting for himself esp if he’s the sort that would bring pens, pencils, markers or some small school or office supply that may just lose itself in the confines of this man bag. Suggesting that a bit of organisation will help keep his life (and the contents of his bag) in order.

Crumpler, Pen - Pencil Case, Carrot | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle
The Carrot

The Crumpler Carrot retails for Php 950.00.

Now, if he travels a lot or perhaps you would want to hint on you two traveling more, here’s an idea that might help you give him a nudge (cure for dense-ness not included, haha). Not only will it be seen as a very thoughtful gesture, seeing that you support his business trips, etc (should this be applicable), it’ll also be a good talking point for planning your next trip.

Crumpler, Bag Tag, Limpet | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle
The Limpet

The Crumpler Limpet retails for Php 750.00.

Since we’re on the subject of support and travel, this next one may be a way to hit two birds with one stone (pardon the cliche). A camera strap will show how you support his photography hobby (if he’s into it, that is) and since traveling will give him more opportunities to take photos, it can be a great time to jump at the opportunity to plan something. Oh, just make sure he does own a camera, otherwise, he’ll be hinting on you letting him buy one or, worse, you give him one. LOL.

Crumpler, Camera Strap, Noose | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle
The Noose

The Crumpler Noose retails for Php 850.00.

And, yes, our men and driving. Our men and their mobile phones. They’re the prime market for these bluetooth headsets, I believe. Go get him one and keep the streets safe. Of course, to keep him safe, too.

Hisense Bluetooth Headset | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle
Hisense HB200M

The Hisense HB200M Bluetooth Headset retails for Php 1,950.00.

Crumpler items are only available at Crumpler Bonifacio Highstreet, Crumpler SM Megamall and Crumpler Trinoma.

Hisense is available at the following stores: 5th Ave., ADI, Anson’s – Home.Connect, Astrovision, Beeper City, Beyond the box, Bionic HD, Bluelite, BSD, Cell Power Sales, Celvitek, Comcentre, Datamax, Digital Hub, Digital Hub – CDO, Digital Walker, E-Central – Cebu City, EYO, First Choice Cellphone – Tagum City, Gadgets in Style, Games and Gadgets, Globotel, Graphic-All-In – CDO, iCenter – Davao City, iBook – Clark, iStudio, Itelecom, Jerry Solutions, Mobile Care, Mobile Experts, Mobile Territory, New Venice, Owtel, Oxvor, Power Mac Center, Power Telecom, Power Hub – Davao City, Round Circle, R.O.X., Sir Lance, Senco Link, Star Circle, Switch, Techno Kid, Techno Mobile Hub, Technoholics, TechTel, The A. Shop, The Inbox Store – Pampanga, Topnet, Unitech, Urban Athletics, and Xsite Mobile.

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