Pin and be inspired: The Pinspire iPod Giveaway!

Moments leading to the birth of an inspiration or, at the very least, at the edges of it, I’m more likely inclined to look at photos to prod it on, sustain it, or force it to materialise. There’s something about this act that makes it easier to find that unspoken understanding of something that you, sometimes, find hard to articulate. One of the many reasons why I fell in love with photography.

So, when this opportunity came, I knew it’s the perfect way for me to share it with you folks who keep me company here in Style Manila. Who would’ve thought that this day will come when I’d get the chance to let you folks know about an iPod giveaway hosted by I’m so thrilled for y’all!

The Pinspire iPod Giveaway, Apple iPod Touch | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

It’s all about photos and inspirations today. And with just a few quick easy steps, you’ll be well on your way to snagging them iPods! Here’s what requires you to do to participate:

  1. Sign up for an account at (It’s FREE! plus you can log in using your Facebook or Twitter accounts!)
    * Learn more on how to use Pinspire.
  2. Create a collection/board (or several) that shows your individual inspirations, and you can choose from:
    • Fashion/Style
    • Beauty
    • Art/Design
    • (there a number of other categories you can choose from!)
  3. Make sure you’ve got at least one (1) originally pinned image and others can be re-pins!
  4. Of course, tell me where to find your board by leaving the URL in a comment on this post.
    (I’ll automatically follow your boards as soon as you send the link to them boards my way! — so, feel free to let me know if I haven’t followed yours yet because I should and I will!)

The Pinspire iPod Giveaway, Apple iPod Shuffle | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

* Deadline of Entries (EXTENDED!) will be on 27 January 2012 25 February 2012.

* Winners will be chosen from all the entries collected from all participating blogs through popularity and creativity, judged by number of pins, board followers, and likes.

  • Most popular board wins an 8GB iPod Touch.
  • Top succeeding 10 boards win a 2GB iPod Shuffle each.

* Winners will be announced on 31 January 2012 29 February 2012 (leap year!).

So, I suggest you start creating your boards as soon as you’ve finished reading this post! Tell your friends about it to get more board followers, re-pins and likes. Don’t forget to get crazy creative as you come up with your entries! I can’t wait to see the boards y’all will come up with! Now, get going and have fun pinning those images on!

Awesome way to start your new year, yes? Best of luck and have fun!

Disclaimer: This giveaway is hosted and run by

Pinspire | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

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  3. Adrian Francis Estira says:
  4. Katrina Mae Siblag says:
  5. Please delete previous post. :)

    This is the correct Food & Drinks board link:

  6. Katrina Mae Siblag says:
  7. Are those who have Pinspire accounts prior to this contest allowed to join?

  8. karen capistrano says:
  9. karen capistrano says:
  10. karen capistrano says:
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  14. Thanks for letting use use the Pinspire <3 love it. this simple and very interesting career will still be a hit , Fashion trends are there :D

  15. Here’s my share : thanks!

  16. Again thanks for sharing this and thanks to pinspire <3

  17. ma clara reyes says:
  18. Karen Ang says:
  19. Hi folks, you can put all the links to your boards in one comment.

    Also, it’s been extended! Now you’ve got more time to make your boards better with more pins and get more of your friends to like and follow them! Great news, yes?

  20. You can vie mine. Just set up HERE:

  21. Lory Alba says:
  22. Karel Cabasug says:

    thank you Ms. Sasha for this contest! will post my links to my boards soon. hope you’ll love it! =)

  23. Hi! is it only me who’s having problems with accessing pinspire lately?

  24. Karel: It’s thanks to Pinspire! Looking forward to your boards! :)

    Angel: Sorry to hear it. It loaded just fine on my end, tho. Maybe you can let me know what sort of problem you’re encountering. Send it to my email: and I’ll be happy to pass the message along! :)

  25. Hi! I sent an email to you regarding the problem. Thanks!

  26. Mia Giray says:

    i may love to pin,than to twit ^__^….

  27. Here is the link to my ‘Artsy’ board:

    And the rest of my boards:

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