Anna Sui x Elizabeth Arden, xoxo Gifts From Dear Sis

My sister left for Singapore this afternoon and then straight on to Australia. You would think that having done countless hello-goodbye airport scenes for a good decade or so now, we’d be numb to the whole thing. I guess, it will always be a case with family. Knowing that we’d have to cross an ocean to bridge the distance, even when technology alleviates our situation, the sadness that parting brings will forever be present.

Now back home and before succumbing to the pull of my bed, I linger on memories that cause me to be grateful: a few are small things that cater to my personal vanity (something that my sister’s fully aware of — she knows me too well, haha) which is the subject of this post. Of course, there’s the Bacolod-Cebu trip that we took this week, too. I’ll save that for another post.

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I had several bottles of Anna Sui EDTs to choose from that night. Looking at the boxes and bottles, I had wanted to keep them all! They all look and smell equally lovely so narrowing my choice down to two was a dizzying experience. Yes, I took a whiff of each scent to properly ascertain which of them suits my scent preference.

Anna Sui
Rock Me! Summer of Love
Eau de Toilette (EDT)

It’s a sexy, sweet & romantic fragrance that brings a dreamy love fantasy into mind. I learned that the scent was inspired by the 1960s, a period of music, fashion, and freedom. I find that it’s a scent that’s easy to wear to any occasion.

Top notes are bergamot, aquatic hyssop, and geranium. Middle notes are freesia, water lily, and white peach. Base notes are musky rose, sandalwood and ambergris.

Anna Sui
Secret Wish
Eau de Toilette (EDT)

It’s an imaginative — unearths an elixir of fantasy and myth — fragrance, IMHO. I’ve stumbled on some of the more avid users who describe the scent as “translucent as an angel wing, mysterious as a moonlit forest.” Interesting that a scent can garner poetic reviews. I gather it’s ideal for day time and casual wear.

It opens up with fresh, sparkling lemon, melon, and apricot plus charming notes of pineapple, black currant, white cedarwood, and sensual amber.

Elizabeth Arden, makeup, High Shine Lip Gloss, Rosegold swatch | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

Elizabeth Arden
High Shine Lip Gloss in Rosegold

Yes, my sister knows for certain that I will truly appreciate a makeup gift. Awesome that it’s a lippie, too! Timely gift since I’ve been lip gloss-ing like crazy the past couple of weeks. I’m in my “I-love-lip-gloss-ed-lips” phase. I’ll tell you more about this on this on a later post!


Sasha Manuel, Shai Coggins | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

xoxo dear sis! Thanks for these! You know I love them, right? Hope to see you again soon! It’s not just because you often come bearing great gifts, it’s the time we get to spend with you! <3

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  1. The Rock Me Summer of Love is an absolute favorite of mine! The scent IS dreamy. You will love it for sure! =)) Did you get to try the other Rock Me?

    Sisters are great, right? They give perfect gifts! You both look lovely!!

  2. I used Rock Me! Summer of Love once, and I liked it. I not mind having another bottle :)))

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