Ice Crystals, a Tweetie de Leon line of jewelry

I almost walked past the counter in Rustan’s Alabang but when my eyes grazed on the colourful array of beaded jewelry, I had to take a closer look. Initial impression was of an effervescent nature, that stopping to examine each piece brought me to a certain level of euphoria. The curious amalgam of the elements and the colour serves effective contrasting properties that cater to a particular stylish set, or perhaps to those who aren’t afraid to play up as they delve into augmenting their personal styling skills.

The accessories are from the line of jewelry by Tweetie de Leon called Ice Crystals.

“A sprinkling of imagination, a dash of good thoughts and a myriad of candy combinations blend together in a medley of delicious yet polished pieces that comprise the Tweetie de Leon line of jewelry.

A playful mix of cord, gemstones, organic wood and muted metal, each handcrafted piece combines character with attitude, allowing the wearer the freedom to dress up or down depending on her mood. Worn solo or stacked, each creation lets every woman emerge carefree, light-hearted, and true to her personal style.”

Are you familiar with her creations?

Satin Cord, Choker, Necklace, Ice Crystals, Tweetie de Leon, Jewelry | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

Infusing a bit of colour into my personal style, this not-so-colourful girl chose a simple mesh of satin cord choker necklace in varying earthy hues, the green shade being the most prominent. Since it was the eve of my beach trip, the piece seemed emblematic. I had pictured myself wearing it with the sun, sand and surf serving as background. Though I know Tweetie’s jewelry line isn’t limited to resort wear, it does represent a great foundation for beach casuals and luxe, and can easily cross over to other seasons.

I can’t say that her creations are inexpensive (likely to fall under mid-pricey range) since this necklace retailed for Php 1,275.00. The more ornate, the more expensive a piece gets. Curious: Accessory-wise, how much is too much for you?

Kamagong, Hoop Earrings, Ice Crystals, Tweetie de Leon, Jewelry | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

Another piece is a simple hoop earring made out of Kamagong. It depicts a very native, ethnic feel to the conventional hoop earring. If I were to choose an element which represents the local beach life well, it would be wood. It may be curbing and oversimplifying the style scope, yes, but it sometimes is advantageous to compartmentalise things. Trick is to be confident in knowing your personal style.

The earrings retail for Php 889.00.

Do you own Tweetie de Leon jewelry? Which one did you get?

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