Falling in Love with Kerastase CREME OLEO-CURL and Dreaming of Chanel

Though I’m pretty much happy with simply using a hair mousse to style my hair (in case you’re new to Style Manila, I went for a digital perm at Beauty Brick 3 months ago), I’m still open to trying other hair products. When I read Tara‘s tweet about Kérastase Oleo-Curl’s scent, I was reminded of the period when flat irons and having your hair relaxed were on the verge of becoming all the rage — sometime before the rebonding technology was introduced — and I had been an avid user of the Kérastase SÉRUM OLÉO-RELAX. Of course, I had a non-treated straight hair back then so, even when I can swear by it, I know that it’s not the right product for my present hairstye. Now armed with an idea, I made a mental note that perhaps it’ll be interesting to make time to give the curl variant a try in the future.

The future came quickly, I guess.

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Curl Definition Crème for Thick, Curly Hair

Curls are lightly nourished, supple and easily detangled. Thermo-protection helps guard against heat styling damage. Helps to create flowing, natural curls while controlling volume. Curls have optimal shine from roots to ends.

I had wanted to find something to help me cope with the dryness of my hair. All the treatments (and it always has been the case whenever I let my hair grow long) have taken its toll — ends are extremely dry and brittle. I also have travel plans so I was hoping I can find something that will work with the “wash-and-wear” tactic that I plan to implement since I don’t want to waste precious R & R time on blow-drying my hair, not to mention how much luggage space it would take up.

I know my curls aren’t natural (so I can’t speak for those who do have it) but I reasoned that the product might function the same way on permed hair. I do have curls and my hair is on the thick-side. So, after road-testing it this week to see if it’s something I can actually use on my trip, I have to admit that I was blown away! Yes, I think I’m in-love, haha.

There hasn’t been a hair product that provided the sort of results that this one gave my hair. I found that I am quite happy to do away with using a hair dryer since if I carefully keep my hair curled a certain way after application, the curl definition is more than okay, for me at least! I’m not too keen about the scent at the initial application but soon after the hair’s all dry, it’s quite pleasant. The most important bit about it is how soft my hair feels (can’t say the same thing if I use a mousse). Only downside is the over-all hold on the curl. It certainly doesn’t act like a mousse. Apart from that, everything else is a WIN.

Suggested application: Apply a quarter-sized amount onto towel-dried hair prior to blow-drying, paying special attention to the mid-lengths and ends. Style with fingers, diffuser or curling iron for best results.

Though I understand the value behind its price, since it retails for Php 1,270.00, I still find it a bit of expensive. I’d only recommend it if you’ve got money to burn and if you believe that your hair needs that extra fluff with no extra time to spare for a blow-dry.

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Perks that came with the purchase were the Kérastase Bain Chroma Riche (shampoo) and Masque Chroma Riche (treatment) which are luminous Softening Shampoo and Masque for Dry Highlighted or Color-Treated Hair. I’d offer to review it but since these are mere sample sizes, I believe they just might last for a couple of washes. But I’ll look into buying a set if I find out that I like them. We’ll see.

Which Kérastase product do you use and recommend?

Dreaming of Chanel, Charlotte Smith | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

That day was filled with beauty purchases (others you’ll read about in succeeding posts) but a quick trip to the book store lead me to a copy of Charlotte Smith’s Dreaming of Chanel. Losing myself in its pages filled with gorgeous illustrations of Vintage Dresses and wonderful stories behind the women who wore the dresses. I’m actually looking to get the first book, Dreaming of Dior, too. Have you read any of these books?

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  1. The scent was just one thing, right? There’s a reason why it’s expensive pala, it really works well with treated hair :D

    And that book is interesting! :)

  2. before i tried using oleo curl on my permed hair,but during mid day my curls loses its shape already. so i tried using bed head foxy curls,its light on my hair,it doesn’t get too hard like a mousse does but it really defines my curls and it smells like candy.its more expensive nga lang by a few hundreds..but for me its a win.
    i also use the oleo curl mask once a week to treat my curls so it wont get dry.=)

    • Tara: Yea, the scent will depend on your body chemistry and the shampoo and conditioner you use, I guess. But while I apply it lang naman. When my hair’s all dry, it’s smells great! :-) The book is a great coffeetable-esque book! If you love vintage dresses and fashion illustration, it’s a great thing to own! :D

      Kit: Thanks for sharing! I’ve heard good things about Bed Head products so maybe I can look into trying it, too. Grateful for the reco! :-)

  3. where can I buy this prods? :)

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