So I got a digi-perm hairstyle, now what?

Someone may have wheedled you into doing it or perhaps you just needed a new look to mark a new phase in your life, regardless, you find yourself looking at your reflection, seeing a strange mop covering your head that holds the initial panic screams in your mind that comes after the passing of an immutable decision. Yes, miss. You’ve got yourself a digi-perm. And no matter how many times or how hard you blink, it’s not going away. Happy with it or not, better to move forward and think happy thoughts and best if you look further into what will come next.

I have to admit that when I got mine done at Beauty Brick a couple of months ago, I was a bit discombobulated. I mean, what did I know about having permed hair? I’ve always kept my hair straight since I was born, er, save for a few months in 3rd grade, so I really haven’t a slightest clue on how to manage my new hair.

Since it was a conscious decision to get this particular hairstyle, I made sure I asked the necessary questions on general upkeep and styling from the hairdresser. I also talked to friends who’ve had their hair “digitally permed” as well. And, the rest of what I know and practice came from experience and observation. Let me share a few of the more useful things I’ve learned so far:

The use of a shampoo and a conditioner is status quo but I recommend that you opt for the sort that can thoroughly cleanse and condition your hair the most. Some suggest that you use the ones that are esp formulated for treated hair.

I also do Intensive Conditioning at home on a weekly basis then I visit the salon for it once a month.

Brushing is a no-no for me. I simply run my fingers through my hair or use a wide-toothed comb to undo tangles, wet or dry.

And I try to avoid excessive shampooing. On days when I skip the shampoo and conditioner routine, using a dry shampoo (yes, it’s available here in Manila) helps get me (my hair) through the day plus I love the volume it adds to my hair. Though, I would recommend washing your hair before going to bed (unless you can wait ’til morning).

It all depends on how you want the curls to look, really. If you’re the sort that likes the messy, sort-of-natural-looking curls, wash it and simply let it dry out on its own will do. But if you like the romantic ringlets, there are several curl sizes you can choose from and, of course, it will depend on how you had your digi-perm made.

Sasha Manuel, Digital Perm, Digi-Perm, how to style | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

For a more tighter, smaller-sized curl, I would create six (6) partitions (3 on each side), apply a generous amount of hair mousse then wound each partition around my finger. I will then run the hair-dryer (set on low) on each partition (scrunching each partition upward, tip to root) until my hair is completely dry.

For a loose yet still defined curl, I would simply create two (2) partitions and go through the same process.

Sasha Manuel, Digital Perm, Digi-Perm, how to style | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

For a loose, large-sized, sort-of-natural-looking curls, I would also create two (2) partitions and go through the same process minus the use of a hair-dryer. I would often opt for this on days when I’m in a rush. You can see more photos of my hair on my post about the Kaye Olfindo dress.

Sasha Manuel, Digital Perm, Digi-Perm, how to style | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle Sasha Manuel, Digital Perm, Digi-Perm, how to style | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style, Lifestyle

Since there are days that I would wash my hair at night, I would style it by wearing my hair (dry, of course) in a bun overnight or while in transit then simply loosen it up before I leave the house or my car, which will give me a sort of curl that looks the most natural of all the hairstyles I can do.

As you get the hang of styling your new hair, you’ll see that controlling the partitions, the drying techniques and the sort of styling product you use will have an effect on how your hair will look after. However, do take note that not all hair types act the same way so it’s always best to heed these tips as mere suggestions. Learn how to observe your own hair as you experiment then try to get a feel of what will be best for it.

I’m still looking forward to more ways to maximise my perm so if you’ve got other tips on how you style your digi-perm, feel free to share. It’ll be much appreciated!

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  1. been growing my hair since forever prepping it for a proper digiperm! this post is making me even more impatient. it looks great :)

  2. This makes want to get my hair permed too! Your hair looks amazing!

  3. Thanks! If you get around to getting it permed, let me know!

  4. Is this permanent like forever? katamtaman palang haba ng buhok ko, pwede na ba ko magpadigiperm kahit medyo di naman kahabaan?

    • I know the treatment is called “permanent” but hair grows out and you have the ability to have it cut so it won’t last forever. And, as far as I know, you can have a perm at any hair length. Of course, it should be expected that no hairstyle will ever come out the same way.

  5. mejo mauunat ba ung hair gang ndi pinapaliguan

  6. Christine says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I am planning to have my hair digi-permed. But I’m a bit hesitant. Been reading a lot of forums about different salons. Also, I am considering the budget. And your locks look really great! So, I’m wondering.. magkano binayad mo sa pa.digi-perm ng hair mo sa Beauty Brick? Also, did you have any treatment before? Like rebond? Kasi ang hair ko, medyo makapal sya. And hindi pa napaparebond or anything. So, hindi ba sya lalong kakapal at bubuhaghag pag pina.digi-perm ko ang dulo nya? If you could send me a reply sa email ko, it would be really appreciated. Thanks!

  7. Hi,

    I had my hair rebonded last september. I am thinking of having it permed this month. I’ve been trying to find out if straightened hair may be allowed for a perm after a year? Or will it be wiser if i’ll grow it out and wait until all the treated hair be cut and i start anew for the perm? Thanks!



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