Neutral Mix for a Friday Night Mixer

As a traveler, I enjoy meeting new people. I see it as a part of the big adventure. The prospect of spending a night with strangers offers an opportunity to learn something new about the place I’m visiting and, of course, the people that makes a certain culture and society rich with alien energy and unfamiliar praxis. A wide range of personalities composed the group: from a free-spirited librarian to a digital marketing consultant, throw in an engineer, too. The strange mix naturally gave way to varying conversation topics all to satiate an interesting social experiment, thanks to Katie for hosting and my sister for inviting me.

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I don’t get to share most of the outfits I wear to my night outs. Major reason is because I’m usually in a hurry to rush out the door, hence, forgetting to take a snap. That’s one of the reasons why I sometimes would share outfit posts using photos taken with Hipstamatic or Instagram. However, since I had a few minutes to spare while I was re-charging my phone’s battery. It’s actually important that I do that since I wouldn’t want my phone’s batt run out on me while I’m out on my own (my sister had to go home ahead of me since she’s traveling to Sri Lanka for a business trip the next day).

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Deciding on an outfit with mixed neutrals was sort of accidental. I simply wanted to wear this adorable Grey panel pencil high-waisted mini. I actually found in Kmart while on a different errand (having some photos printed out). As soon as I saw it, I was reminded of wanting to get one since, I don’t know, forever? It’s the stretch kind so it fits me like a glove, which I love! It didn’t hurt that it only costs AUD$ 15.00 (roughly around Php 672.00). Maybe, like the kimono tee from Sportsgirl, I should’ve gotten it in a different colour as well, haha.

Sasha Manuel, Outfits, Tog du jour, Australia | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

Anyway, anticipating a temp drop plus knowing I’ll be catching the train on my way back, I borrowed a black trench coat from my sister. It’s at a perfect length which was quite handy in concealing my party clothes, too.

Top Sportsgirl
Basic Topshop
Skirt Girl Express
Hosiery Sportsgirl
Shoes Mango
Earrings Aldo
Rings Mango, Flea Market
Watch Hand me down from my sis
Bag Aldo (not in Photos)

On top of meeting new folks, another new thing that I got to experience that night was having dinner at a Go-in Hotpot Train on Hindley Street (after cocktails at Amber Lounge). The Pork Rib Soup wasn’t stellar, mind you, but the novelty of the whole thing was a treat nonetheless. It kind of reminds me of Shabu-Shabu dinners back in Manila (now that’s way better, of course) and made me miss my Ramen. (Dear P, let’s go on a Ramen trip when I get back, please? Love, S). After dinner, I had my Stella at one of my favourite spots in town, the Belgian Cafe, before dashing off to catch the last train out the city.

Hot Pot Train, Hindley Street, Adelaide, Australia | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

What about you? What sort of adventure have you gotten yourself into lately?

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  1. Don’t worry dear, will do! ;) Gahh! You made me crave for ramen as well! Btw, love your kimono tee and the mini-skirt! White please. Hahaha! :D

  2. Yay, looking forward to it! And thanks :) what do you mean by White? The shoes? :)

  3. Nope! I was referring to the kimono tee and the skirt. nyahaha! kidding! ;) Will call you soon. :)

  4. They only have the kimono tee in grey and black and I can check the skirt, not sure if it comes in white tho! Talk to you soon :)

  5. Your outfit looks fierce! Love it! =D

  6. Thanks! :)

  7. love this one too! very chic! :)

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