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A trip to Harbour Town won’t be complete without a visit to the Esprit Outlet Store. Judging by the long queue at the counter, I believe a lot of people share the good sense in shopping there. Who wouldn’t enjoy the reduced prices on good quality apparel and accessories? ESP when they were offering 50% off on top of it. Had we had more time, I would’ve scored me some more items. Yes, it was a small haul considering. I got me a pair of white shorts with a nylon belt included, an 80s check top, a pair of wide leg jeans, a knit cardigan for my niece, and this adorable canvas tote that I couldn’t resist getting. (Note that they all amounted to only AUD$ 87.39, roughly around Php 3,919.00, which isn’t bad considering the items I bought.)

Esprit, Australia- Panel Print Canvas Tote Bag | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

It spelled spring-summer and all the sunshine it implores. Loving the print panels, the wicker handle, and the bead and rivet details. It being white poses as a challenge to keep it, er, white esp when I get back to Manila. But the blue and white combination’s too good to pass up. The cheerful bag transmits the emotion each time I look at it so I’m seeing the value behind my getting it.

I know I do like compartments and intricate design details on a bag. But I like the simple ones as well. I appreciate the casual, feminine appeal of this tote and how easy it is to use for everyday things. It’s cute that I’m reminded of that time a couple of years or so ago when I also bought a pink canvas tote from Esprit when I spotted this one and I asked myself the question, “am I starting a tradition of buying Esprit canvas totes each time I visit Australia?” Perhaps but I’m careful not to be so rash about such things. Besides, they call it a Beach Shopper Bag anyway, haha.

Esprit, Australia- Panel Print Canvas Tote Bag | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

It retailed for AUD$ 14.98 (roughly around Php 671.00), originally priced at AUD$ 29.95 (roughly around Php 1,343.00).

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  1. Love the bag. =D

  2. Cute bag, Sasha! And cheap too–considering it’s an Esprit.

  3. it’s a beautiful bag! i’ve been searching for it for a long time! do you know where I can find this elsewhere? or maybe you’d like to sell it after the 2011 season? ;) please, let me know zuczekp@ poczta.onet. pl


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