Hosiery is Key

From the moment that hosiery entered the fashion scene again a few years ago, we can spot fashionistas everywhere wearing it every which way they can. For some this piece is only seen as a fashion accessory befitting a trend but for others, it’s a staple item worn during the cold season. I, personally, rarely wear tights when I’m in Manila even when I do own a few pairs, mainly due to my trips to Australia (a few of the tights I own were bought here). Folks wear tights more for warmth than style but it doesn’t hurt that one can achieve both at the same time, haha.

Valleygirl Tights, Footless, Full Length, Hosiery - Westfield Shopping Centre, Marion | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

In one of my trips to Westfield Shopping Centre in Marion, I dropped by Valleygirl to stock up on some additional hosiery (yes, the one I bought from Dotti wasn’t enough). But to diversify my hosiery collection (I can actually call it a collection since this latest purchase brings up the total to 3 footless tights, 3 full length, and 4 over-the-knee socks), I decided to get a few pairs in grey (don’t tell me you still haven’t noticed my affinity with the colour, haha). I got the full length on a sale price of AUD$ 6.95 (roughly around Php 311.00) and the footless, AUD$ 9.95 (roughly around Php 446.00).

One of the reasons why I often find myself buying hosiery whenever I’m here is the variety; from materials used to design and types. There are footless and full length tights, ribbed or solid opaque, sheer and semi-sheer, nylon or wool, yes, there’s even options for trendy prints and other hip stocking designs. Of course, there’s still the traditional stockings (think natural-hued stockings worn by SM salesladies, hehe) which are great alternative in hosiery styling.

Point is, when it comes to putting together outfits when you find yourself in a place with a weather that’s colder than you’re used to, hosiery is key. Wearing jeans or trousers are quite fine outfit options, yes, but it can get a bit boring if you’d find yourself wearing them all the time. Hosiery makes wearing dresses still doable, e.g. An Afternoon with C in Glenelg and Sundry ways to slip into a dress. I’ll be furnishing you folks another example in a day or two.

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on wearing hosiery?

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