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Though it’s quite ordinary for ladies to walk around in their bikinis on the beach, there are periods of lull that one is inclined to throw something on, layering over the swim suit. Whatever the reason, it’s an occurrence that we rarely dispute. I can actually be satisfied with just a loose t-shirt and pair of denim shorts to wear over my damp bikini but I’ve got certain moods when a particularly good piece which serves as proper cover up will make me comfortably beach-monger-esque happy. The Terranova piece was a gift from my mum over Christmas and another funny trivia is I didn’t really think I’d wear it since I thought it too big for my size and shape (which came as a surprise since my mum rarely gets my size wrong).

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Packing for that trip to Boracay, I saw it in my wardrobe and imagined it to be a perfect choice for a cover up. Though still uncertain, I just shoved it in my luggage complete with tag and all and simply told myself to make my decision when I get there. Good thing I did, too. It wasn’t too short that you’d think the wearer clumsily forgot to wear bottoms and not too long to be considered a misplaced Sunday dress. The length is at a tropical sexy short, er, if that made any sense to you as it did to me. It was a great thing to wear while hanging out that day, taking photos, and enjoying the gloriously gorgeous colours of the sunset.

Boracay Sunset, Sasha Manuel | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

Cover up Terranova
Suit Topshop
Footwear Havaianas (and bare sometimes, hehe)
Earrings Flea Market
Necklace Lee Hwa Jewelry
Bracelet Diva

So, are you folks looking forward to summer? Wherever you find your feet, my hope is that y’all have a good one! Let the sun make you golden.

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