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Different strokes for different folks. It’s just the way it is. Like how certain events happen to some and don’t to others. Or how a hammer is directly associated with a nail. Though it’s true that a few may run parallel to each other, there’s that considerable number that goes against the direction where the other’s headed. I know I’m not making things any clearer with all the things I’ve mentioned, particularly on how they relate to what I’m about to tell you but do bear with me. It’s just this habit I’ve formed. You see, there’s a specific rationale for buying and owning each material thing I own. Some, important but the rest are simply trivial.

Mango, Bag, Wallet, Clutch | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

There are days when I prefer going light and for that, I’ve got something specific in mind on what sort of sack I’d like to use. The ease of a small shoulder bag are for days when I simply need a wad of cash and a handful of coins, with enough space to accommodate a few knick-knacks et. al and, of course, a pen.

Hence, my shopping for something to replace the old shoulder bag I got from Promod (got tired of dodging the magnetic closures — it almost ruined my iPod!), when I dropped by the Mango store in Alabang Town Center a month ago.

Mango, Bag - Renko | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

A change in colour and material but retaining the simplicity of the bag. Too casual for formals and just right for the other outfits that I’d throw on. Black is my current colour choice for bags (as evident in the Aldo leather bag I recently procured). Goes the same with wallets or, in this case, a nifty cash wrist clutch I bought from Mango in Greenbelt 5 a week or two ago.

Mango, Wallet, Clutch | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style Mango, Wallet, Clutch | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

I actually was gifted a black wallet from Girbaud by my mum (haven’t gotten around to blogging about that one) but I sort of needed something that I can use as a stand alone. Know what I mean? With a trip coming up, I knew a wallet like this one which I bought will prove to be a good alternative since it offers a form of security knowing that I can slip on that wrist thingie whenever I take it out. A good example of how much of a klutz I can be was during the holidays and I was new to using a long wallet (all over again). I almost left it at a neighbouring table when I was at Italianni’s in a very crowded Nuvali. Good thing I didn’t lose it. Gah.

Both the shoulder bag and wallet retail for Php 1,450.00 each. Crazy, huh? Ah, well.

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  1. The wallet is beautiful! I don’t mind paying P1K+ if it’s strong enough. Haha. I’m notorious for killing wallets.

  2. Nice wallet :]

  3. Oohh I got the same wallet! hehe :) The bag is nice too!

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