Inspired Pretty, Powerful Passion

It is with passion that I lead an inspired life. It’s pretty powerful enough.

When folks from Bobbi Brown Philippines had invited me to get to know the makeup brand, their philosophy and the Pretty Powerful campaign, I must admit I got a little too excited for my own good. I’m all about the natural, you see. The opportunity to share in their conviction that all women possess natural beauty was something I knew I couldn’t pass up. It has been a personal advocacy.

Nothing’s wrong with being ordinary, but it was something I had struggled against as a kid. Memories of my frustration with skin tone, awkwardness, bad hair and even a set of buck teeth have driven me to a certain level of desperation that I found myself wanting to be someone else. It took years of countless mistakes and buckets of tears before I have come to a realisation that I’ve been looking at things the wrong way. I’ve been consumed with the foolish ideals, allowing someone else to define who I was. I had this strange notion that validation is to be found elsewhere.

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson pegged it right. Though it required a certain level of maturity on my part to fully comprehend what it meant, in time, I was able to grasp and apply it. Yes, I was much older when I acknowledged this fact. But I was fortunate enough to find not just one but to be surrounded by a number of people who had supplied the inspiration for the change. Inspiration — that’s what mattered.

Truth, clarity and unmasked; things learned along the way were captured in the words of Henry David Thoreau, “Perfect sincerity and transparency make a great part of beauty, as in dewdrops, lakes, and diamonds.” But for many of us, esp if it means we are to be subjected to our sometimes (or is it oftentimes?) exacting public, we prefer the carefully laid out mask of pretensions and layer reflective of insecurities.

Believe that you are pretty enough as is.

Sasha Manuel, FOTD - Bobbi Brown, Pretty Face Palette, Pretty Powerful Campaign | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

It released me. Unencumbered by my past mindset, a better life awaits. I was then free to put my passions into good use.

Of course, the reality is I am not getting any younger. Bad habits such as late nights and cigarettes are taking its toll on my skin and over-all outward self. Though adopting a proper skin care regimen and striving to live a healthier lifestyle will prove to be more beneficial for me, makeup has been quite a useful tool in keeping me (looking) sane or, in this case, enable myself to a higher level of pretty — pretty powerful.

Like I mentioned, I lean towards a look that’s close to natural than anything else. I’m grateful to have learned what makes a person beautiful — what makes me beautiful: “The most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion. ” ~ Yves Saint Laurent. Spot on. Passion in itself is pretty powerful attribute that makes a person pretty and powerful in my eyes. And makeup has been a great instrument to highlight what’s already there. It’s true what they say that it’s up to each of us to regard our own beauty.

Believe that empowering the pretty is not a crime.

Sasha Manuel, FOTD - Bobbi Brown, Pretty Face Palette, Pretty Powerful Campaign | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

Of course, the makeup I used for my powerful photo is the Bobbi Brown Pretty Face Palette. Some women believe that more is better but I beg to disagree. Though less is simple, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s mediocre. It’s all about the quality of the appearance and when you start with quality — a great foundation, concealer or that perfect blush — keep it simple. Personally, I fell in love with the blush (Pretty Pink) that came with the palette. A little help in achieving a healthy glow (the shade adorably flatters my skin tone) is something that I will always welcome. And since I’m big on the smudging bit when it comes to eye makeup, I heart the creamy eye pencil (in Jet shade) I recently bought, too.

Pretty Face Palette, Bobbi Brown | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

Ivory E/S, Bobbi Brown
Pink Chiffon E/S, Bobbi Brown
Pink Flannel E/S, Bobbi Brown
Chocolate Caviar E/S, Bobbi Brown
Creamy Eye Pencil in Jet, Bobbi Brown

Blush in Pretty Pink, Bobbi Brown

Lip Color in Sandwash Pink, Bobbi Brown
Lip Gloss in Bubble Bath, Bobbi Brown

The existence of passion and inspiration at every stage in life. I took it to the streets (figuratively, of course) and let real women talk about beauty, passion and inspiration.

Inspired Pretty, Powerful Passion (video)

Strive to find that certain something which will fuel your life for the long haul. Consciously live out your life and pursue your dreams with conviction and grace. Relish in the journey of self-discovery and self-expression. As you’re on that quest for the things that will make you happy, the fullness it will bring will produce an inner glow. Inspired pretty, powerful passion and a well-adjusted person to time and age; there’s joy in the journey towards a full life. It’s never too late to be beautiful. Pretty powerful stuff.

“The key is also being true to your unique outward self (in addition to your inward emotional self), developing your own style, a look and manner that feels comfortable and right to you and that you are happy to present to the world.” — Mireille Guiliano

Now, ladies, it’s your turn. What’s your pretty powerful story? I invite you to join in and take part in the advocacy.

P.S. Get a chance to win your own Pretty Face Palette (worth Php 3,000.00!) by simply sharing what makes you Pretty Powerful. Go visit the Bobbi Brown Philippines Facebook Page for more details!

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  1. I am in love with that palette <3 And seriously, you rock it. I don’t know why you’ve had self doubts before. You seriously are one of the most beautiful people I’ve met. I’m just happy to be your friend (and chick lit co author) :)

    See you soon, S!

  2. Thanks for sharing Sasha! I haven’t tried any Bobbi Brown makeup before — Where is their store in Manila?

  3. I love the video! Excellent editing and like how you inserted the music too!

  4. Way to go Sasha! You’re so pretty!!!

  5. I use that kind of palette, too. It’s just right for my pale face :o) I also go for makeup that’s close to au naturelle.

  6. I am dying to get that palette =) good thing I read this.. =) see you soon love =)

  7. S.P. Bragg says:

    As I get older, I find that I love the more natural look too and I’m leaning more toward quality over quantity these days. I think it’s time to go browsing again. Thanks for the nudge.;)

  8. I have to agree with teeyah above. You’re a gorgeous woman all on your own – no self doubt necessary. Wonderful post, Sasha – hope your life is very good!! xox

  9. Right on. Simplicity can never be equaled with mediocrity. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Great post, Sasha! :)

  10. Great job on the make up…it was simple and yet beautiful! Nice video too. :)

  11. Great realization. Nice vid. A must see.

  12. salisbury_steak says:

    This one is nice and neat! I would deffinitely try the product!

  13. very well said! :)

  14. Good to see you connecting with even more people, Sasha. May your blog continue to inspire and empower others. :-)

  15. Awesome post Sasha. You are beautiful in so many ways. :)

  16. You’re correct Sha, acceptance of ones self is the beginning real beauty. Real beauty starts from within, a woman’s self worth and outlook radiates to her figure and countenance. While there are beauty kits, this is meant to enhance the natural beauty and not to hide the real you.

  17. Hey sasha! awesome advocacy!:D

  18. My heart nearly melted when I read the comments! From folks telling me they love the video (they’re awesome ladies, yes?) and to the compliments on the post. Thank you!

    To friends (old and new) and family – super thanks for the show of support. I <3 you!

    Christina, SP, Gayla – takes me back in time when we spent almost everyday together (online of course!). These ladies, who are awesome and not to mention well-known in their respective niches, communities and industries, saw me grow as a blogger!

    Tara, thanks again for being a part of the video. Yes, I sure hope I’d see you again soon. Let’s go visit Mac in Cebu! :D

    Honey, you can try Rustan’s Makati :)

    Kuya Jeff, Sally, Mona, Trini, Connie, Andy, Abby, Sistele, Manuel, Sonnie, Jots – just want to let you folks know that I read all your comments and I’m thankful!

    Again, my heart-felt thanks for your time to listen to what I have to say and I’m so happy to hear back from y’all! <3

  19. Great post Sasha. Totally agree, passion is truly a woman’s best makeup.

  20. Genuine inner beauty radiates from all the ladies featured in the vid! The article itself is enlightening. It just goes to show that a strong feeling of contentment and a sprinkle of rouge fairy dust is the perfect combination to being pretty and powerful. Way to go Ate Sha!

  21. Sasha, great video!!

    As long as I’ve “known” you Sasha, you’re always very passionate and inspired in everything you do. Your beauty emanates from those qualities.

  22. Interesting and inspiring! I love how you put together this entire post (the vid and the article). Pretty powerful stuff you have here. ;)

  23. Nice vid! *clap* *clap* *clap*

  24. Miggy Ternate says:

    wow!!!! love it love it love it!!!

  25. I don’t know anything about make-up but you sure does look great with what you’re wearing :-)

  26. I’ve always been a big fan of natural makeup….what an inspiring post, Sasha! You look great (as always). :)

  27. coming from you and knowing you, i am convinced that i should try Bobbi Brown! Rustan’s here i come! Go,sha!

  28. Hello Sasha. I actually haven’t worn any make up for quite sometime now. However, after doing 3 shoots for my DigitalFilipino Talks series, I realized the need to take make-up a bit more seriously again.

    Agree that simple is best. Foundation, light eyeshadow, and lipstick works well so far. Although I think getting a style consultant will prep me up a bit more.

  29. Very nice.. :)

  30. So inspiring! You’re beautiful, Sasha! With and without make up. :)

  31. Very strong and inspiring. Beauty is really beyond how the world defines it now. I believe that finding and realizing how beautiful you are inside and out is a personal challenge for everyone. :)

  32. well said!

  33. wow:) really love that type of palette..will buy it soon.
    ‘Believe that empowering the pretty is not a crime” is true indeed… !

  34. love it! :)

    • To Mariless, Magel, Dexie, Alma, Tita Pinky, and Jobelle – Thank you! I’m glad you found the post and video inspiring. And I appreciate y’all for sharing your own thoughts. I love reading them! For those of you who plan to give the palette a go, I hope you’d let me know how it goes for you! :D

      Kaye, astig316, Mgz, Mayi Andrea and Ann – Thank you for your kind words! I’m happy that you appreciate the post! Truly grateful! :D <3

      Arnold and Jasper – Happy to know you like it! I appreciate you two for commenting. Thanks for your time! :D

      Penny, thanks again for agreeing to be a part of the video! Much appreciated! Stay beautiful! <3

      Y’all are such beautiful people! I can’t thank you folks enough! <3

  35. “Nothing’s wrong with being ordinary” – Amen.
    Because I’d rather be the person who I know I am than be someone who I’m not. Snaps for being true to one’s self! :)

  36. nice post. just like how my wife looks, i prefer the simple and natural.

  37. Carla Mendoza says:

    Hi Sasha! Great article. Thank you so much for sharing this with us :)

  38. Martin Tan says:

    Is that you Sasha? hehe wifefy likes BB..

  39. So true – real beauty inspires beauty in others. And I must agree, all women have something beautiful in them.

    Wonderful post! :D Cheers!

  40. Nice post Sasha! All the stuff you mentioned: passion, natural beauty…I’m sure will inspire and enlighten many women :)

  41. Well said cousin! The perception of how beauty and simplicity affect one’s life. Cheers!

  42. Good Video. I will tell my wife to try this Bobbi Brown.

  43. You know me… I only comb my hair twice a day and rarely wear make-up, but I told myself that this year is going to be different! So abangan!

  44. Cathy Muncal says:

    Hi Sasha,

    I agree. Less is More.
    Nothing beats the real and “natural”.
    I sooooooo like the palette.


  45. Quite interesting that when ‘beauty’ is thrown out for discussion we nearly automatically talk of the intangibles such as ‘success’, ‘contentment’, ‘happiness’, and the like. This might be for debate but it seems like deep inside we all yearn for these and yet at the end of the day champion what’s on the outside. This topic’s good food for thought.

  46. makeupmomma says:

    love this blog! makes me want to buy the palette. :) thanks for the tips!

  47. Great post Ms. Sasha :-)

  48. Hi Sasha! Such a lovely post & video :) Got a lot of insights from this entry! Continue on being a Pretty Powerful person :)

  49. “Believe that empowering the pretty is not a crime.”
    — I agree! Got many realizations from this. :)

  50. I like the natural look on you, very refreshing.

    by the way, can I also try that lipstick tomorrow? LOL


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