Curls, Ringlets and Digital Perm

The romance and femininity behind manes blessed with whimsy ringlets. Late last year, I had toyed with the idea of getting a perm esp since I did like seeing my hair in curls (e.g. birthday and parties in 2009) but I’m still uncertain if I have it in me to actually maintain the curls as one should. Memories of childhood curling disaster comes to mind, whenever I come close to considering it. I guess that experience left me somewhat traumatized. However, seeing the curls on my bestfriend when she went off and got the currently popular treatment, digital perm, I was downright envious!

And then my sister arrived and told me she’s looking to get her hair done as well and getting a digital perm was one of the options. I quickly mentioned that I know of a place where she can have that done, courtesy of my bestfriend Mel, she agreed so off I went to set an appointment at Beauty Brick.

Beauty Brick, Digital Perm, Shai Coggins | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

Now, check out the curls! It’s made of awesome! Yes, yes. It wasn’t me but my sister who has the gorgeous curls and pretty ringlets. Sigh.

Beauty Brick, Digital Perm, Shai Coggins, Mr. Shin | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

Watching Mr. Shin work on each lady in the salon (they were fully booked that night!) was actually entertaining. He certainly seemed like he knows what he’s doing.

Beauty Brick, Digital Perm, Shai Coggins, Mr. Shin | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

It doesn’t hurt that the staff are very cordial, hospitable and well-trained. Only thing that I didn’t appreciate was having to wait almost an hour even when we did set an appointment.


Beauty Brick, Digital Perm, Shai Coggins | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

It looks like my sister’s loving her new curls, eh? I reckon she’ll be needing the OSIS Curl Me Soft more than I would (yea, I did end up giving to her, hehe).

Beauty Brick, Digital Perm, Shai Coggins | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

Of course, we all know this sort of thing takes hours to do (approximately 4 hours in my sister’s case), can you imagine what I did while I waited? I didn’t just go and dump my sister in the salon and escaped to the nearest Starbucks I can find. I did stick around and talked to the folks who’ll be handling her hair and asked them to give more information on what’s about to take place (esp since the sisters are new to the whole thing). I skipped as soon as she was well on her way to curl-dom and when I got back, I was able to see all that (hence the photos) plus did a little cam-whoring too. Hehe. (Trivia: The only Nikon camera that I use is my sister’s. I’m a solid Canon fan, you see. LOL)

Beauty Brick, Digital Perm, Sasha Manuel, Outfits | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

Vest Babo
Cami Topshop
Jeans Mango
Shoes Mango
Earrings Diva
Rings Aldo, Flea Market
Watch Hand me down from my sis
Bag Aldo

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  1. Hmmm… hmmm… hmmm… i’m thinking… if it’ll look good on me? hmmm… :)

  2. Me likey! :) and it doesn’t look like morning hair to me :D Unless that’s how pretty (ate) shai’s hair are when she wakes up in the morning :D

    By the way, did you ask Mr. Shin regarding your hair?

  3. I love it. I have permed hair and it’s getting straighter every day :(

    How much did she get the perm for? Was it just the perm or did they have treatment and stuff? :)

    • P: Do you really want to have curls..?

      Mel: Hahaha! Definitely not morning hair. LOL. What do you mean? What about my hair? (sorry, a little confused here..)

      Elaine: I think it costs around Php 3,200. My sister just had the Digital Perm. :)

  4. i also had my hair permed, it wasn’t digital (cold perm/wave) but the result was the same as your sister’s.cost me around 700 pesos only. it’s been a month already but my curls are still gorgeous. just find the right products for your curls, some products feels heavy, oily and sticky on hair. for bouncy curls try head & shoulders smooth & silky pair it with herbal essences totally twisted conditioner + vitress = shiny bouncy curls. (you can try H.E. totally twisted shampoo also, but i like H&S smooth and silky better) :)

  5. hello can you post picture of your sisters hair .. just wanna see her her hair after few weeks

  6. lovelyannmendoza says:

    jj: where did you have a cold perm / wave? tnx…


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