Annual Trip to the Cuenca Bazaar

One of the traditions I’ve formed whenever the Holiday season comes around is scheduling a trip to the bazaar in Cuenca Court, Ayala Alabang for a bit of Holiday shopping. This is the only bazaar that I make sure I go to each year. I always come away ecstatically happy with my purchases. I do have to admit that I thought I was going to miss it this year since the day I was meant to go (Sunday last week) coincided with a trip to Batangas wherein I had promised to play chauffeur for my mum. I had bargained that she let me meet my friends for coffee before they hit the bazaar without me. But thanking my lucky stars (and Candice! LOL), circumstances changed and I was able to go. Hehe.

The crowd in the St. James Bazaar never fails to amaze me. Parking was hell-ish as usual and you can hardly walk in the aisles as you labour to peruse stalls and stalls of sellers in the massive bazaar. But, like I said, I’m happy with my purchases after a two-hour shopping trip.

St James Bazaar, Cuenca Court, Ayala Alabang - Blazer, Street Beat | Style Manla - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style
Blazer, Php 1,200.00, Street Beat

Popular model Valerie de los Santos is no stranger to the Cuenca Bazaar. This is the second time I saw her sell stuff but it’s my first buy. I heart the blazer!

St James Bazaar, Cuenca Court, Ayala Alabang - Skull T-shirt | Style Manla - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style
C.C. Skull Loose cropped shirt, Php 350.00

Shirts are my weakness. The skull in lighthearted comic captured my fancy and the gold lightning reminded me of Harry Potter. An alternate fate had He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named triumphed? Maybe not. I kid. LOL. (P.S. Twas fun meeting a Style Manila reader as I was shopping for this very shirt. Hope you leave a note and say hi here!)

St James Bazaar, Cuenca Court, Ayala Alabang - Chick Flick | Style Manla - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style
Bejeweled Mini skirt with belt, Php 300.00, Chick Flick

A quick but fun visit to the stall of a favourite accessory seller in BF Ruins, Chick Flick. Yes, where I bought my birthday shoes last year. Spotted the skirt, which I knew suited my current style mood. Save for the loose double strap belt, the skirt is made of love. I don’t mind that it didn’t do too much damage on my wallet!

St James Bazaar, Cuenca Court, Ayala Alabang - Throw Pillows, Play & Display | Style Manla - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style
Php 599.00 (Buy 1, Take 1 deal). In photo: Me with MrMoo on the larger sized throw pillow. Play & Display.

I love pillows! I’ve been looking to buy new throw pillows so when I saw these adorable, uber soft (including the texture!) square pillows in striped candy (bubblegum) colours, I knew I just had to have them. Twas fantastic that Play & Display had that Buy 1 Take 1 deal going. Funny thing was I had wanted the bigger sized square pillows but since it was the last piece in that design, I had asked if I could get the 2 smaller sized ones in lieu of the big one so I can get them all in the same design. Yay that I did!

St James Bazaar, Cuenca Court, Ayala Alabang - Outfits, Sasha Manuel | Style Manla - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

Tog du jour Shirt dress with draped hem. Layered necklaces. Piled up bangles.

Dress Copper
Tights Mango
Flats Promod
Necklaces Chick Flick, Mango
Earrings Diva
Bracelets Chick Flick
Rings Aldo, Mango, Flea Market

(Not in photo)

Watch Hand me down from my sis
Clutch Dorothy Perkins

P.S. Thanks for taking my photo, Mel!

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  1. Wahaha, I’m such a hermit. I’ve lived in that area all my life and I never heard about the Cuenca Bazaar until after I moved out of my parents’ house. I miss The Ruins, though.

  2. love the outfit sasha! you have the sort of body that flowy fabrics really complement. :D i love flowy fabrics, but im a bit too pudgy for them. -_-

  3. Honey May says:

    Hi Sasha!
    I like what you’re wearing – that grey shirt dress!Where is the Copper store?
    P.S. parang I know the owner of that car behind you :)

  4. Hi! How can I get to Cuenca Bazaar from Southmall dunno where to go :( ask lang thanks!


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