Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation in Natural Fair Ochre

Last weekend, though not entirely part of my shopping itinerary, I had ended up bringing home a fresh bottle of liquid makeup from Shiseido. Yea, it’s time to replace the MAC liquid foundation that I’ve been using the past year (interspersed with a couple of mineral foundation potfrom Mary Kay and Avon for them light makeup days).

I was tempted to pay MAC a visit as the need to replenish my makeup stock increased but I was somehow more inclined to try something different, just for the sake of variety. I had refused to give in to the temptation (the MAC mineralize satinfinish had served me well), the need to find the best liquid makeup is too strong to ignore. Though there’s comfort in familiarity, the idea that there’s something better out there — the one more suitable for my skin — pushes me to continue on with my search.

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The Makeup
Dual Balancing Foundation
Natual Fair Ochre 040

Coverage: Medium
Finish: Semi-matte
Skin Type: Normal and Combination

A long-lasting liquid foundation that responds to skin’s specific needs. Increases moisture in dry areas. Minimizes shine for a soft matte look. Promotes optimal beauty and balance. Prismatic Nanopowder evens out skin tone and keeps makeup looking just-applied flawless and bright all day long. Oil-free and non-comedogenic.

I’d love to use the product more than I already have before I dish out my thoughts but since this liquid foundation has been in the market for, at least, the past 2 years, I reckon the stuff that I’ll find out won’t be revolutionary; simply personal, so might as well go ahead with sharing what I think of it so far.

The Natural Fair Ochre (040) shade matches my skin tone somewhat perfectly even when I was highly skeptical at first when I had tested it on my skin at the Shiseido beauty counter in Alabang Town Center. I thought it too close to my shade on fresh application and was wary about how it’ll react to my being acidic. I had appreciated the easy way it blends right into my skin, without leaving any chalky tell-tale traces behind. The liquid foundation has a solid medium coverage. The shade that I opted for has yellow undertones, which I don’t normally favor in a foundation, but proved to be a good idea at that time since I needed to see if this will indeed work better for me. I noticed that it helped neutralise the pinks and reds in my skin very nicely and evens out my skin tone.

The downside of using liquid foundation is that, sometimes, it’s painfully inconvenient to apply on a warm and humid day then add the question on its staying power. The Shiseido liquid makeup did say it’s long-lasting and so far — even after exposing it to various conditions — the makeup loss I saw was minimal. I also appreciate that the foundation is oil-free and worked well with my personal skincare products.

I read somewhere that the ingredient sodium hyaluronate functions as a tissue lubricant.. Elasticity of the solution assists in absorbing mechanical stress and providing a protective buffer for tissues. (source), which helps the skin hold in moisture so the foundation wouldn’t feel dry by the end of the day.

Few tips on use: Shake well before use. Apply after skincare, smoothing on evenly from the center of the face outward. I’ve tried using a foundation brush for applciation, not really a good idea. You can either use your fingers (make sure they’re clean!) or use a makeup sponge for best results.

Retailed for Php 2,300.00.

How about you, ladies? Do you use liquid foundation? If yes, what are you currently using? Have any of you used this particular liquid foundation? How was your experience using it? I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. I’ll try to do an FOTD post one of these days.

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  1. This exactly is my foundation. Hehe. I only use it when I have events or parties to attend, though, because it’s expensive. XD

  2. Cool. I’m curious. Why did you choose this foundation? :)

  3. I use MAKE UP FOREVER’s HD Invisible Cover Foundation (I don’t use it on a regular basis). This product is oil free, and best for my skin type. I can play with medium to full coverage. I love liquid foundation because, for me it is more hygienic to use since the make-up brush, sponge or even your finger doesn’t directly touch the make-up itself. For my regular use foundation, Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation is good..

  4. What’s your skin type? And, yes, thanks for sharing!

  5. i love shiseido i have some cosmetics from this brand kaso di ko magamit that much expensive kasi e kaya for special events lang ^^

    PS: i wanna have this one ^^ mukang maganda

  6. very impressive! thank you so much for making this review. i’ve been searching for something good about shiseido, i’m glad i found your blog! just so you know, i’m always confused every time i’m about to buy foundation. i want to get the best one but somehow i always ended up disappointed. do you have any idea about acidic face? i have a fairly light face…but it becomes horribly dark after using a light foundation. so depressing!

    • Katrina: No worries! Glad to help. You’re not alone. It’s a little hard to determine which brand will best address each person’s skin needs. Being acidic (as mentioned in my post, I am) scan be frustrating. My skin reacts differently, so I have to determine the right formulation and shade (sometimes a shade or two lighter isn’t absolute) on a case by case basis. Best to try them before buying, allow the product to settle so if you need to walk around the mall (step outside so there’s no a/c), do so. Just come back if you’re satisfied and ready to bring it home.

      Kenny: Let me know if you do get around to trying it.

  7. Honey May says:

    I use this Shiseido foundation everyday at work, only problem is you gotta use powder after applying it because it tends to get shiny after 4 hours.

  8. @ sasha..I have combination skin, oily t-zone, then dry skin along the jaw area and below my cheek bones. I love your blog!!!

  9. Where can I buy this foundation? This is the one I’ve used and then got discontinued?


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