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Lately, I’m noticing that my mood has changed and it somehow affected my personal style. I’m finding that I’m more adventurous in terms of what I’d choose to wear and I’ve also observed that the things I’d end up buying are not the sort I’d usually go for. It’s actually a nice change since I’m happy to spice up my wardrobe with new things. Of course, I still see traces of the foundation of my style like my love of shirts and
such but I’m seeing that I’m experimenting more on textures (not just on the fabrics themselves), prints and all the mixing and matching of several elements in an outfit.

One item that I recently added in my style arsenal is this knit scarf from Warehouse, Greenbelt 5. Yes, I’m adding more fashion accessories, not limited to jewelry, in my wardrobe. I think this will allow variety in looks and push me to explore different styling options.

Scarf, Knit, Taupe - Warehouse | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

As you can see, the change that I speak of doesn’t really pertain to heavy prints or vibrant colours. I’m more inclined to wear neutrals, which can get a little boring at times so I reckon working on something else to make it look a bit more interesting might help ease the transition. Though I opted for Taupe (a great colour that plays between brown and grey), the textured finish of the scarf makes it an interesting accessory to an outfit, enough to put a little edge to the look. The texture helps create a disruptive look, which is something I’m really into right now. I appreciate the way it has brought a different style which can direct an outfit towards taking on a different look, an edgy feel.

Scarf, Knit, Taupe - Warehouse | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

The scarf retailed for Php 1,350.00. Oh, btw, this is the scarf I was wearing when I told you about the Mango Aviators.

How about you ladies? Are you seeing change in your own personal style lately? Any new style that you’re seeing yourself trying these days?

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