Strawberries in Your Shower

Memories of Baguio trips, beaches and lazy afternoon road trips. Wine while cozy-ing around the telly with friends after welcoming the New Year on a very cold beach and watching fireworks take off from the jetty, lighting up the dark sky. Smoothies, ice creams, chillers, chocolate-covered, sundaes, shakes and fondue. Strawberries — it is undoubtedly a favourite.

But we’re not talking about eating this particular Strawberry now, are we? It’s the idea of enjoying it in a different way. By its scent, our senses are tickled in manner that triggers the delicious memory of eating the actual thing. Who hasn’t heard or tried the Strawberry Shower Gel easily available at The Body Shop? Most of the women I know have.

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Best if you want to: Feel fresh and clean thanks to a refreshing cleansing gel that softens and moisturizes your skin with a sumptuous strawberry scent.

Best for all skin types.

How it works:

  • Strawberry juice is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to protect and nourish skin, as well as pore-cleansing salicylic acid; provides natural strawberry fragrance and red color.
  • Community Trade organic soy oil is rich in essential fatty acids to repair skin’s moisture barrier, so skin is smooth and supple.


Whenever I feel like I want to step out of the shower feeling refreshed and thoroughly perfumed, I’d often reach out for this bottle (or its body polish counterpart which is good for exfoliation, btw but not the bar — I don’t like the bar at all). This is usually when I would prefer to just shower and dress before running an errand, without all the other fuss of preparations. I love how fragrant it is that even my en suite would still smell delicious hours after. I certainly don’t feel the need to use perfumes or colognes or fragrant lotions. It lowers the rate of consumption (which is good cuz we all know how expensive perfumes can be). And I appreciate that it helps cut down on prep time (esp happy when I’ve manage to find myself in a mad rush to be on the road). And I also like using the shower gel at night whenever I feel like the scent will make sleeping more comfortable and restful. It also helps that it doesn’t dry up my skin.

Rating it at 3 and half out of 5 stars. It costs around Php 600.00.

How about you ladies? Do you like this TBS Shower Gel? Share your reasons (and experience!) with us. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. oh my!!! i love strawberries and i anna try this one….. super

  2. i bought the olive oil scent @ Php 275. since i have a dry skin and i’m always in an air-conditioned room, the moisturizing effect is not enough for my skin =(

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