Debenhams Outlet Store: Shopped in Colour and Print

Rarely do I find myself buying colourful and printed clothes simply because I rarely wear them. I’m simply not all too comfortable with the idea. I know you might have expected more from me but I’m really more inclined to buy whites or all the shades of brown and greys and of course black. This goes the same with prints. I reckon the reason behind that is more of practicality of the choice than anything else. Well, I’m ok with graphic or slogan tees, pinstripes, checks and maybe even paisley or the occasional colour (mostly green and blue) but other than that, er, I would probably be downright hesitant (disagreeable even) in buying, much less wearing them. But things are slowly changing since I’ve been moving beyond all the possible shades of neutrals lately, case in point the Armani hot pink top I bought a few months back, that I’m seeing myself drawn to an eclectic mix of shopping choices during the last few trips I’ve made to various malls.

I had taken an out of town trip with a friend last week and this had given me ample opportunity to check out the outlet stores in Paseo de Sta. Rosa. I knew they had them there but I didn’t expect that store options went beyond Park Outlet (Nike) and Adidas. It was a delightful surprise to find a new wing, Paseo 4, up and operational which now includes several drool-worthy outlet stores namely: Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Nine West and Aerosoles to name a few.

Like an iron filling to a magnet, I had gravitated towards Debenhams Outlet Store without a second thought. Call it utter curiosity (yes, I’ve perused the racks in Makati ONCE but I was never tempted to shop at all) but I ended up going home with a few items packed in a couple of blue plastic shopping bags.

Debenhams, Floral Sequined Tunic Dress, Rocha John Rocha | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

I was shockingly mesmerized by the prints of this pretty number by Rocha John Rocha. I like the sequin embellishments that were sewn over certain parts of the print seemingly accentuating the print further and creating added texture to the entire piece. It’s with items like this dress that I realised how important the role that a fabric plays in the entire design. I wish I was a dressmaker (or better yet a fashion designer!) so I can explain this idea further and in full so you folks would understand what went on in my head at that moment. LOL.

The prints and the very dress is so feminine that when I had tried it on and saw myself in the mirror I hardly recognised myself. I’m quite hopeful that when I do get around to airing the dress out, I’ll pull off the dainty, feminine look with ease.

This only retailed for Php 1,065.00, originally priced at Php 3,550.00.

Debenhams, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson, Purple Cowl Neck Blouse - Black Bejeweled Belt | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

I’m coming clean with this one. It’s a purple cowl neck blouse with a black bejeweled wide belt from Butterfly by Matthew Williamson. I bought it because of the belt. Hahaha! I’ve been searching for a wide belt for the longest time now and when I spotted this one hugging a rich purple material, I simply had to ask the sales person to let me try it on — just the belt, mind you. I had even proposed that, if by some miracle, the belt fits perfectly (not that my waist is that narrow, heh), I’ll buy the whole thing. It did so I paid for it. LOL. But things went from good to better when I got home and did eventually try it on. The purple top looked divine! The neckline draped fantastically and the length of it makes for a great candidate in combining with skinnies or tights. I love the fact that it has this shiny soft material that can work well for both day and night outfits. I don’t really own anything shiny (clothing, for that matter) so it’s certainly a piece I’d welcome to my wardrobe.

Don’t you just love the 2-in-1 things that you get to buy? This purchase actually reminded me of having bought this cropped pant in Promod that also came with a belt. Whichever way you look at it, those are 2 items and, ideally, for the price of one!

Anyway, this only retailed for Php 1,050.00, originally priced at Php 3,750.00.

So that’s 3 items so far, yes? I’ve got two more to share but I’ll save that for another day. Now, have any of you folks been to Paseo 4 in Paseo de Sta. Rosa? Perhaps you want to share your own fab fashion finds? Oh, please do!

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  1. that new wing still wasn’t up the last time i went there. Gotta check it out. thanks for the tip ;)

  2. Those are beautiful prints! :D Thank goodness I am on a self-inflicted shopping ban…or I’d be running over there to get me some. :(

    • Ajay: No worries! Make sure to share your finds as soon as you get the chance! Looking forward to it! :D

      Bea: Thanks! I hope the ban gets lifted real soon.. it’s shopping season after all! (I’m not helping, aren’t i?) :mrgreen:

  3. Haha! What’s more terrible is that I have a lot of fashion bloggers on my Google Reader. :( Beautiful shoes and clothes. :( I am going to start munching on shoes if I don’t padlock my wallet. Haha!

    • LOL @ munching on shoes. I know what you mean. That’s why I sometimes steer clear of malls and bazaars so I wouldn’t be tempted to shop. I’m sure things will let up soon. Cheer up! :D

  4. I’ve been there but didn’t see the other outlet stores so I better check it out again soon. Your finds look interesting. I’ll be waiting for the outfit photo to get a better look!


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