Mineral Makeup Pick: Avon Smooth Mineral Powder Foundation in Almond

Mineral makeup and the right foundation, let’s talk about these two things today. I’ve been experimenting with the former since 2007 and the latter, I’m still searching for the perfect fit. I’ve tried numerous forms of mineral makeup (from eye shadows and illuminating powders to foundations and lipsticks both indie and commercial brands) but I have yet to find that very thing that makes a woman want to stick with using this kind of makeup. I know a few girls (even some of the readers here) who claim that Ellana is something I ought to check out. But I know myself (my shopping habits in particular) it may be a while before I actually get around to doing that.

And then there’s that elusive foundation. This is one of the cosmetics that I’m willing to spend my money on. It’s proven to be invaluable since it plays a huge role in the whole look. That’s probably why I’ve been looking for the right one. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ones I’ve used so far but, er, there’s still something missing. Know what I mean?

With that said, let’s turn our attention to one of the foundations I’m currently road testing: Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation in Almond (MP01).

Avon Smooth Mineral Powder Foundation in Almond (MP01), Mineral Makeup Review | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

Getting certain things out of the way: I’m not a huge fan of the kabuki brush that comes with it. I only tried to use it once, stopped mid-way before switching to my own face brush. Next, I’m not too sure about the shade (Almond) matching my skintone. I mean, it’s okay but it’s a wee bit dull once applied (perhaps I’m too used to the finish of liquid foundation). But I’ll let you be the judge when you check the before and after photos below. Application can be messy (like in most mineral makeup, hehe) if I use the kabuki brush + the typical “swirl, tap, buff” method instead of what I ended up doing: flat brush + dabbing then buffing and blending. Too complicated, heh. And, lastly, if you happen to put too much on then the weather turns too humid and sticky, you’re sure to see a little caking.

Avon Smooth Mineral Powder Foundation in Almond (MP01), Mineral Makeup Review - Sasha Manuel, Without Foundation | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style Avon Smooth Mineral Powder Foundation in Almond (MP01), Mineral Makeup Review - Sasha Manuel, With Foundation | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style
Left: Without Foundation | Right: With Foundation

What I do like about the foundation are the following: it has great oil control, stays on longer and it does have good coverage. As you can see on the before and after photos, it certainly leveled out the canvas and the finish is even and natural-looking. The coverage falls into a medium to full category, depending on how many layers you want to buff on. I prefer the medium coverage and I saw that I can achieve that pretty easily with this foundation. It blends nicely even when I did say that I’m not too keen with the shade I’m using.

Admittedly, it’s quite easy to work with, granted that you’re not applying makeup in sweltering heat, that is. It seems to work well with my skin type (combination) but I hear that it works well with sensitive skin too (if you’ve got sensitive skin and have tried this foundation, please help confirm if this is true!). It maxes out at around 10 hours in terms of staying power and its powder form help control oil and shine. If there’s anything I like about mineral makeup, it’s this last bit. We can’t help but worry about oil and shine, yes? Some mineral makeup do help keep the oil in check. Not all, though.

It retails for Php 499.00.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I’m thinking of buying the one you tried on. I gotta say that the color looks a bit dull, an opinion coming from a person who really don’t know anything about mineral make up or make-up in general for that matter. We have the same complexion too and now I’m thinking if I should really go for it or look for other brands out there. Thanks for this, really helpful!


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