Mascaras by Avon: Shock or Curl

As I venture into experimenting with Avon makeup, I can’t help but wonder if I’ve missed out on good makeup for the past few years. This isn’t saying that I’ll be using Avon from now on, it’s just that I’m finding myself recommending some of the makeup that I’ve tried and have been somewhat impressed with (wait till I get around to telling you ladies about the mineral foundation from Avon.. soon!) to friends. I reckon I now sort of understand why the likes of Reese Witherspoon and our very own Lea Salonga have let their name be associated with the brand that’s been around for over a century (source).

And, by request, I’d like to share a few notes on two of Avon’s mascaras: Super Shock and Super Curlacious.

Makeup Review - Mascara, Avon - Super Shock and Super Curlacious | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

As you can see, these two serve for different purposes. Super Shock adds volume while Super Curlacious defines lash strands and adds or handles the curl, naturally or prepped with the aid of a curlash or lash curler.

Personally, I prefer my mascaras in Black or Brown (or something in between). I really can’t imagine wearing Blue makeup (not that I’m totally against it, btw). I reckon I’m more comfortable wearing the former. I guess that’s why though I found the MAC Barelash mascara adorable, I rarely use it.

I was not entirely big on mascaras, really. I admit that I would even, sometimes, forget to put one on (after all the effort I put in doing the rest of my eye makeup, hehe) but I still think it incomplete if one fails to highlight the lashes. With that said, I’d still buy a cheap tube just so I’d be able to complete the task. Yes, I really don’t buy the expensive sort simply because I didn’t really understand the difference or the need. Why do mascaras come in different sorts of brushes, i.e. thick and heavily bristled, long and curved, narrow and short bristles, etc. I even question their efficacy. I mean, do they really add volume to or curl your lashes? However, I did realise my folly as I continued to use and experiment with different mascaras over the years.

Anyway, I initially tried out the Avon Super Curlacious Mascara in Black.

Makeup Review - Mascara, Avon - Super Curlacious | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

I didn’t really notice anything remarkable at the beginning. It actually felt like I was duped. But as I continued to use it, I realised that it’s the simplicity that makes the mascara sound. Like I mentioned earlier, it defines the lashes, minus the big, bold look, with its curved brush with short bristles. It picks up even the tiniest of lashes, thus, giving all my lashes a balanced definition and finishing it off with a nice touch of curl. Yes, without the use of a lash curler, and add the bit that my lashes are very ordinary looking so there, I like the fact that it does that little thing.

I appreciate the fact that even when it looks skeptically like it’ll clump, I ended up with a non-chunky, well-balanced coverage best for casual makeup on days wherein I prefer a generally fuss-free, natural-looking makeup. Did I mention that it doesn’t smudge (unless you rub it, heh) nor flake? Also, it’s quite easy to remove.

However, this mascara won’t be popular for you folks who love the heavy lash makeup, curled or otherwise, because it’s generally light regardless of how many coats you put. Actually, you just might ruin it if you go over 3 coats. You might see clumping and lose the curl (what can I say, I experimented! LOL).

Score: 3 and half out of 5 stars.

Next is the Avon Super Shock Mascara in Black.

Makeup Review - Mascara, Avon - Super Shock | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style

Now, since discovering that the Super Curlacious was more light and casual, I knew I needed a mascara to satisfy my need for a little volume esp for the smokey-eye makeup that I often like to wear at night. I was looking forward to road test the Super Shock for the much needed volume but this mascara proved to be a little disappointing. I believe that not only should it add volume, it ought to be waterproof as well. I guess, I was expecting that I’ll get shocking results esp since it does calls itself Super Shock. But to give it credit, it does add volume — not sure about the “up to 12x more volume” bit though — and it does have a more dramatic effect compared to the Super Curlacious mascara (lashes and over-all eye makeup ended up looking better actually) but if I line it up against all the other volume mascaras I’ve tried in the past (even to Maybelline’s Volume mascara), Super Shock sort of pales in comparison.

The brush, with its short bristles, was a little hard to use. My lashes aren’t long and are uneven (esp since I’m still nursing it back to a certain level of normalcy; having had extensions, you see — yes, I failed to blog about that! Next time perhaps..) so working with the brush can be a bit of a chore. I needed to be careful so as not to get mascara on my lid and ruin the eye makeup altogether (which happened a couple of times, btw). And it doesn’t help one bit that smudging is a problem (give or take after 4-5 hours). I honestly thought this was a waterproof mascara!

What I do like about this mascara is that it also doesn’t clump or flake. It’s actually easier to apply sans the brush. It goes on cleanly with minimal use of the lash separator and it does allow a little lash shaping so I can actually finish it off with a slight curve going towards the tips.

Score: 3 out of 5 stars.

Now, let me show you how each mascara looked like when applied. I actually used both at the same time so you can immediately spot (hopefully!) the difference. Used Super Curlacious as seen on the right and Super Shock, on the left. (You can click on the image for a larger view)

Avon Mascara, Super Shock & Super Curlacious - Sasha Manuel | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Style
LEFT Avon Super Shock Mascara in Black | RIGHT Avon Super Curlacious Mascara in Black

For the sake of a better canvas, I also applied a bit of eye makeup that got drowned in flash. Eeep. Sorry about that. Twas better to take the snap with flash because the mascara is a whole lot more visible.

Quick makeup notes:
Avon Smooth Mineral Powder Foundation in Almond (MP01), Avon
Tea Tree Oil Cover Stick in Shade 02, The Body Shop
Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in Medium, MAC
Mineralize Eye Shadow in Brightside, MAC
Mineralize Eye Shadow in Gallery Girl, MAC
Shimmer Waves in Bronze, The Body Shop
Brush Metal-X in Gilded Ash, MAC + Smokey Eyes Powder Pencil (Smokey Black 01), Elizabeth Arden + Super Shock Mascara in Black, Avon
Eye Definer in Taupe, The Body Shop + Super Curlacious Mascara in Black, Avon

That’s just about it. So.. have any of you ladies tried any of the mascaras by Avon? Ever used the Super Shock or Super Curlacious yourself? Any other Avon mascara you’ve tried that you’d like to recommend? Do share cuz I’d really like to know!

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  1. I find the name “Curlacious” amusing. Haha. Parang Super Curlacious looks better! If you’re looking for volume, I recommend the Clinique Lash Power Volumizing mascara. The effect is like you’re wearing falsies. It’s quite pricey for a mascara though for P1300, but I find that Clinique mascaras have long shelf lives. They don’t dry up in the tube easily too, unlike cheaper mascaras na talagang 3-4 months lang.

    Aaanyway! I’d like to invite you to join my Asian Secrets (lulur) contest. :P Or if not your trip, hope you can write about it hrhrhrhr.

    PS your Mango heels are to die for!!! (I meant to comment when you posted it but since I’m here na…lol)

  2. I’m with Liz on the short shelf life of cheaper mascaras. Have you tried the Chanel Inimitable mascara? I did a few years back and it worked wonders in lengthening my lashes plus when they said it was waterproof, they weren’t lying! It’s a a bit expensive but so worth the price you pay!

    • Liz: That’s interesting. If that Clinique mascara gives that exact effect, I wouldn’t mind splurging a little. Regarding your contest, I already left a comment on your post! I haven’t decided but I’m very, VERY tempted to join. Hahaha! Thanks for the heads up. :D

      Alexa: No I haven’t but I’m interested! I’m not sure if I can afford it though. Any idea on how much a tube would go for? I like the idea that it can lengthen my lashes. Hehe.

  3. i’ve been using the super shock mascara and i agree with the smudging part but i’m still happy with it. i’ll try the curlacious next

  4. Good to know. Let me know how it goes!


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