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One of the the more pressing concerns when the idea of “roughing it” was raised was, do I have a pair of shoes I can use that can withstand the rough trek up Mt Pinatubo? Dear me. You can liken shoes for me to water for a hiker, and this is not simply for vanity’s sake. Wearing the right sort of footwear for trips like these will prove to be vital in the caring of your beloved feet (my sore feet concurs). Good thing, I still have my trusty pair of Converse since I really didn’t have the time to go off shopping for a new pair of Sandugo sandals or something. I know, a pair of sneaks won’t really cut it but I’d prefer wearing that than a pair of Havaianas. Come on, be reasonable. There are certain situations wherein ladies should be more practical than worry about wearing the right look. If that’s something you really wouldn’t want to give up then I suggest you go book a hotel at some fancy beach resort and stay away from Mt Pinatubo. That’s one gem you’d chip your nail, scrape your knee, and sweat for. It’s not really for sissies. LOL.

The beauty of the place surpasses that of any fancy-schmancy resort with state of the art amenities. The magical experience can never be replaced by 3D films you’d watch in IMAX theaters. It’s historic and picture-perfect. Definitely one of the places that makes our country breathtakingly beautiful. You folks ought to do the Pinatubo Trek at least once in your life (before it erupts again, heh).

It’s often true that the more beautiful something is, the harder it is for us to reach. But when we do find ourselves in its presence, add the fact that you can really touch it, experience it, bask in it — all the difficulties leading up to it would simply melt away or at least would make better sense. Awesome, isn’t it?

Photos and video can be seen here: The Traveler: Mt. Pinatubo, Zambales, Philippines

Now for the outfit that I threw on in haste since I came from the office (after the 4-hour friggin’ long meeting that did a buzzer-beater on overtime), did a quick stop at home to change and pick up my stuff and head off to the pick up point for the van.

Top Mango
Shorts Mango
Shoes Converse
Sunnies Mango
Bandana (Something I dug up in my wardrobe)
Watch Hand me down from my sis

* Had my iPod and Flip Ultra (courtesy of DOVE Philippines cuz it’s to be used for my ambassador duties) in my hand while trying to let the stream cool my water bottle. Hehehe.

Fantastic that the “roughing it” trip fell on Day 3 of the DOVE No Mirror Challenge. But let’s save that story for another day, shall we?

Other clips for the Dove 7-Day No Mirror Challenge:
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Photo taken by Penny Rosario-Umali for Style Manila; Mt Pinatubo, Zambales, Philippines, July 2010

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