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Twas at Preview Magazine’s annual Best-Dressed Ball that happened a couple of weeks ago at Republiq, Resorts World Manila. Answered to the query, “Do you have a twitter account?” then next thing was I had found myself in front of a camera, flash fired half a second later that momentarily blinded and disoriented me. There you go. The end of it. They said twas for a feature on Philippine Star’s YoungStar Section. Cool, I guess. Anything that can associate myself with youth. Ah, yes. Youth. Not that it’s a huge deal but I wouldn’t mind stretching it for all it’s worth. Heh.

Follow up question came via Twitter, of course. “Who are you online?” asks @YoungStarPhils. And a minute effort to answer such an existentialist question, I (@angelisophia)responded, “A distinct voice in fashion, beauty, shopping and lifestyle found at” Afterall, I have been more actively present as such than the rest of my so-called online personalities (Schizo much?).

Though, it’s agreeably apparent that I can babble and ramble until readers grow tired and restless. It’s pretty much impossible to bottle up a person’s persona with mere words (believe me, I’ve tried a thousand times). So, even when it can be said that Style Manila IS who I am online, I reckon it doesn’t stop there. It’s just one small part of it. For those who’ve known me online for the past few years, they can attest that I’m not pulling anyone’s leg. Inanities on fashion, beauty, shopping, yada yada yada are few of the things that show the fun side.

Anyway, let me throw these questions back at ‘ya dear Style Manila readers: Do YOU have a twitter account? (Naughty, if you do and have not told me — hint: @StyleManila HALLO!) And Who are you online? Looking forward to hear from y’all!

AND for those of you folks who’ve graciously stumbled upon my humble online abode aka as via the Philippine Star mini-feature, WELCOME! I’m happy to have you visit me. Feel free to peruse and jump in on any of the conversations. We’re always happy to have someone new join us! I appreciate you for stopping by and I hope you do say hallo.

Thanks Paolo Lorenzana and the rest of Young Star of Philippine Star!

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  1. And thanks to my good friend Hannah for the newspaper snap! Much appreciated! :D

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