Two December Dresses

This post is one of the many late feature posts I’ve got lined up. I can’t believe we’re halfway through 2010 and I’m still writing about dated things. Believe me, I wanted to leave these things un-featured but having come across a few photos of these dresses caused me to stop and re-think that decision. They’ve become a couple of my favourite dresses so I know I had to share them with you folks.

First up is this adorable dress I bought on sale. Found in Promod’s “Nice Price” rack, a real steal at roughly around Php 600.00. (You can click on the photos for a larger view)

Promod Dress, Sasha Manuel | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion
In photo (L to R): C, R, Mel of Imeldific and myself

It nestled in my wardrobe for a few weeks at first cuz I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to air it out then idea struck when I was mulling over what to wear for the wedding of my long-time friend Atty. R.M. II (LOL). Finally, this guy ties the knot (in the most lavishly expensive manner, mind you! Hahaha). This photo is a real favourite of mine. I can’t imagine that we’ve all known each other, save R, since we were 10. LOL. It’s odd looking at this photo when I also have this picture in my head on how we all look like when we were kids. Gah.

Earrings Mum’s Pearls
Necklace PARVATTI Vintage (Neck piece is more like it! LURVE!)
(Not seen in photo)
Shoes VNC
Watch Hand me down from my sis
Ring Flea market

Next are the elusive photos of the birthday dress. With my hands full with hosting duties, I simply forgot to have my obligatory outfit photo taken. So I resorted to picnapping a couple, one from my friend T who managed to capture the dress up close somehow.

Kaye Olfindo Birthday Dress, Sasha Manuel | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion
Me with bubbles (hehe)

This photo reminded me of how much I truly aged over the years. Gah. I don’t mind it really but sometimes I do forget my age and when it does hit me that I’m no longer as young as I’d want to be, it’s feels like I’m looking at a stranger.

And here’s another photo that my good friend P took using my camera.

Kaye Olfindo Birthday Dress, Sasha Manuel | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion
Me with friends at my wine party held in Lusso, Greenbelt 5, Makati City

The birthday dress is the one that local fashion designer Kaye Olfindo made esp for me. Love the dress! I still owe Kaye a good photo of me wearing it. I wish I’d get the chance to wear it again. No luck so far, though.

Dress Kaye Olfindo
Earrings Diva Accessories
Necklace Lee Hwa Jewelry
Watch Hand me down from my sis
Bracelet Cuenca Bazaar seller
Ring Flea market
(Not seen in photo)
Shoes Chick Flick

Anyway, these are two of the more recent dresses I got myself and both worn last December 2009. I’m looking forward to more dresses this year and if you’re wondering, I still haven’t bought a new one to date. What I’ve bought mostly are tops, bags, jeans and accessories. I really need to schedule a shopping trip real soon. Sigh.

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