Style Manila on its 3rd Year

2010 is starting out to be one heck of a busy year. I meant to do this last December but I had no time to organise it, not to mention, no time to see it through. What am I talking about? Well, I wanted to give away some stuff to celebrate Christmas, my birthday and Style Manila‘s 3rd year anniversary. Yes, this blog turned 3 early this month!

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So what exactly am I giving away? Let’s start with a few beauty loot bags which will contain the following:

Loot #1
AVON’s Jet Femme Eau de Toilette 50ml

Loot #2
AVON’s ANEW Rejuvenate Flash Facial Revitalizing Concentrate
OLAY Body Moisturizing Bar, Fresh Reviving

Loot #3
Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Intensive Treatment (3 ampoules)
OLAY Body Moisturizing Bar, Fresh Reviving

Loot #4
AVON Ultra Moisture Rich Sheer Lipstick, Sheer Plum
AVON Uplifting Waterproof Mascara, Black
AVON Mousse Eye Shadow, Silken Sand
AVON True Color Eyeshadow Single, Turquoise

Now for some fashion loots:

Loot #5
One (1) winner of a MANGO Gift Voucher worth Php 1,000.00

Loot #6
One (1) winner of a Landmark Gift Certificate worth Php 500.00

Loot #7
One (1) winner of a Rustan’s Gift Cerificate worth Php 1,000.00

First eight folks who enter will automatically get discount vouchers from KStyled by Kaye Olfindo, which will subsequently be sent out as soon as I get your shipping address.

How to Win:

1. Follow
Simply follow Style Manila or me on Twitter then tweet or re-tweet the contest; make sure to include a link to the contest. If you’re already a follower proceed with the tweet or re-tweet then let me know (see #2)

2. Comment
Leave a comment below telling me what you like about Style Manila together with your Twitter ID so I can also verify the tweet (see #1). It’s also imperative you use your real name (first name will do) and a valid email address.

3. Subscribe
Though optional, it’s highly recommended. Since a lot of people lose their prizes by not paying attention to updates. So, folks, it really doesn’t hurt to subscribe to the Style Manila feed or get updates via email. It’s FREE.

This will run from the time of publish until 28 of February 2010, 11:59 pm and is open to Philippine residents only. Winners (we’re looking at roughly around 15 winners max) will be drawn via electronic raffle and will be announced soon after.

I’m looking forward to all you folks participating. Best of luck!

Feel free to subscribe to the Style Manila Feed or get updates via Email.
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  1. Retweeted. :)
    What i like about StyleManila?… Contests like this!^^~~~

  2. hello ate shasha im kenneth i’ve already joined your previous giveaway yung We Wish You Wellness This Christmas so now im going to join again

    twitter id :

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    why i love :
    if im not mistaken i’ve been visiting for about more than a year already, i love because all of the post are really juicy the site is another way of knowing what’s in when it comes to fashion and beauty

  3. twitter id :
    re tweeted
    subscribed using:

    why i love :
    the queen of pinoy fashion blog!!!

  4. Joy Mesina-Bahia says:

    retweeted about this…my twitter ID is joiyee

    i always look forward to your features about clothes, accessories and beauty products. i like your honest opinions, i must say. plus, i truly cannot ignore giveaways like this! hahaha!

    happy 3rd!…congrats!

  5. Suzanne delosSantos says:

    I learn a lot from your site about simply being a woman esp. fashion :D

    twitted :D spdls0215
    I`m a follower :D

  6. happy 3 years Style Manila *^^*

    aside from keeping everyone up to date in everything fashion & kikay related, getting freebies like this is the best!! hihi~


  7. hi ate!

    my twitted:

    im a follower ^_^

    tweet id; mamaii26

    im mylene


    thanks for your site.looking forward and more helful articles about in fashion and shopping ^_^.its a great opportunity to have those loot bag that will be given away this new year 2010..hope i can be one of that winners too.

  8. I am now following you at twitter and already twitted about the contest:

    already a subscriber using:

    why i love :
    you try things for your viewers and shares your opinion honestly.

  9. 1. twitter follower –
    giveaway tweet –

    2. I love every interesting and informative posts on fashion and beauty!

    3. already a subscriber
    cza[dot]roman at yahoo[dot]com

    Happy 3rd year Style Manila!

  10. What I like about Style Manila is the featured make-up!
    follow me on twitter @mcmanaloto

  11. Retweeted :)

    Tweet ID:

    What I like about Style Manila?: hmmm.. I love everything about it! All the beauty and fashion tips and updates really helps me a lot, I know a lot of fashionistas out there are hooked on this blogsite! been reading for more than a year! more power! :)


    What I like about Style Manila? I think it’s clean & easy to navigate blog lay-out & it’s always updated contents.

  13. retwitted:
    name: mylene

    the site of yours has a lot of potential for the fashion blog community,to have some great tips on how to give fassion threads,and beauty tips.

  14. retwitted:
    name: mylene

    twitter id: cyree_22

    the site of yours has a lot of potential for the fashion blog community,to have some great tips on how to give fassion threads,and beauty tips.

  15. Hi! Joined your contest. :-) i so enjoy your posts about fashion and of course i love this kind of contests. here’s hoping i win:

    congrats on your 3rd anniversary!

  16. Hi!

    Im joining!

    What I like in Style Manila? It was also updated with fashion and beauty things, very informative for kikays :)

    I am a follower and Tweet ithere

    Im a subscriber too

    I blog it here

    Hope it is ok I placed your logo on my blog

  17. Already followed Style Manila and you at twitter.


    What I like about Style Manila are the fashion trends.
    Twitter ID: novice2aica

    Subscribed already. Thanks

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    What I like about Style Manila?
    i love the interesting posts about clothes, accessories and beauty products.

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    What I love about Style Manila?

    What a woman wants, and let’s us men know how to satisfy our women…
    Congrats on your 3rd anniversary…

    Stonibert – /


  20. Followed and subscribed.

    I like your fashion style.

    Twitter ID: Pinkish_23

  21. I follow Style Manila and angelisophia via twitter as millette05

    I love your fashion updates


  22. I tweeted at


  23. Hi! I follow and retweeted this contest:

    What I like most about Style Manila is that you always have the most interesting make-up discoveries! I like reading your reviews and trying out the products for myself. :)


  24. Hi!

    I’ve retweeted the contest. Check out

  25. Followed Style Manila and tweeted the contest

    This site is very informative, and i love the contests!

    Hope to win!

  26. hi, sasha.

    foremost, let me greet Style Manila on its 3rd year anniversary!

    followed and tweeted the contest:

    more fashion blogs on the year ahead :)

  27. Hi!

    Followed you on twitter using twitter id: ellenjoycastel
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    I like your product reviews and beauty and fashion tips. :)

    Ellen (

  28. Alyssa Mae says:

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    already twitted your contest

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    why i love :
    what i love about is it gives you chance to win awesome prizes!

    thank you!

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    I love because we both love fashion!!!

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    twitted bout the contest

  30. confirmed subscription to your feed.

  31. I cannot find your follow widget …

  32. hi. I love stylemanila because it has taught me a lot about Pinay fashion and it keeps me in style. :)

    More power and happy third!


    I subscribed via google reader ( :)

  33. I’m a Style Manila follower and my Twitter ID is: whoammai.

    I tweeted the contest here:

    I love Style Manila because it keeps me up-to-date on the latest fashion trends and bargains.

  34. I love how the site is revamped.

    Stylemanila is my daily fix of kikay.

    and winning the loot doesn’t hurt! :D

    Twitter me: laicamarie

  35. Kim Palanca says:

    I like Style Manila because it helps me be more glamorous, hahaha!


  36. Rowell Lee says:

    What I like about Style Manila is that it keeps my housemate (Girl) busy. She gets lots of fashion tips and I, in return, get peace and quiet. Just kidding. Lots of loots, updates and giveaways. I love it :)

    here’s my tweet:

  37. Email:

    Twitter Username:

    twitted about your promo already!

  38. ria villareal says:

    already twitted your contest.


    more power!

  39. Followed and retweeted the promo : @stylemanila, @angelisophia

    Really like Style Manila because they are making life easier esp. for women out there, because lot of informative and updated news are publish in one site. Congrats for another year Style Manila.-

    Subscribed to email and Feed

  40. twitter follower:

    tweet contest:

    Interested about Style Manila because it they review the details and informed viewers about whats happening in the world of fashion as a whole.

    Subscribed already.

  41. Congratulations on your third year! I’ve always loved the honest reviews and the photos of yummy beauty loots!

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    Thanks and more power!

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    best of luck to all!

  43. Maricel Glanida says:


    My twitter id :

    Retwitted about your contest at:

    why i love Because I can get lots of cool tips about about how to look my best all the time.

  44. hello! congrats on your 3rd yr! yahooo!

    i have already followed stylemanila and u in twitter. i have also tweeted abt your contest:

    i love stylemanila because it keeps me updated with what’s going on in the fashion world. it also makes me a better/wiser buyer because of the website’s informative reviews. more power! =)

  45. What I like about is that it keeps me updated with the latest fashion trends… ♥♥♥


  46. Mary Rose Mania says:

    I love style manila for the amazing makeup finds, funky accessories and other contests like these. Hope you have another pretty amazing year to come :)



    Subscribed using:

  47. fritziegomez says:

    i retweet already

    my twitter id fritziegomez

    i love stylemanila because i love to see new ideas to wear, new ideas to buy.. i love this kind of blog..

  48. Retweeted this already. My Twitter ID is prudencemadness.

    I love StyleManila’s makeup brand reviews. It helps me pick out the right kind of makeup for me, increases the chances of my “makeup experiments” being successful.

  49. just discover this blog this AM…so excited!

    i love stylemanila because i want to updated myself and my kikay friends for new style in metro!!!

    More power!!!

    my twitter id – kittydyersie :

    i’m jercilyn of Cavite

  50. Hello!

    Followed you on twitter using twitter id: esvi_chloe_aven
    My tweet:

    What I like is your beauty and fashion tips and contest/promos like this :)

    And your product reviews helps me to choose the right make up for me!=)

    More power and hope to win!=)


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