The Big Outlet Sale Goes to SMX!

A new venue calls for a new pet name for TBOS — The Big Holiday Outlet Sale. For the regulars, y’all know they usually hold it over at MEGATENT in Ortigas, yes? But I guess it’s time for a little change to celebrate the holiday season. This is great news for all the Southern folk. The MOA area is a little bit more feasible me thinks.

The Big Outlet Sale, Holiday 2009 - SMX | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

I’ve done so many shout outs for TBOS (ever since they first had one, I think) that I’m sure most of the regular Style Manila readers know how things go but for those of you who are pretty new to it, let us take a look at the mechanics now, shall we?

The Big Outlet Sale, Holiday 2009 - SMX | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

And here’s what’s in store (perhaps this ought to explain why TBOS, among all other bazaars, is so popular):

The Big Outlet Sale, Holiday 2009 - SMX | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

Big discounts and lots of brands. I know some folks have voiced out their displeasure with past TBOS events but there are a number who claim the opposite. I reckon it all depends on the shopper and how expectations are set prior heading out to the bazaar.

So wouldn’t it be fantastic if you’d get to experience it (if you haven’t) without having to shell out money for the entrance fee esp if you’re just going to check it out?

Once again, TBOS has graciously offered Style Manila readers to get in for free (thanks Jerico!). It’s a 50 person guest list so this will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Simply follow Style Manila on Twitter and/or become a fan of Style Manila on Facebook then leave a comment below stating that you’ve done the deed (leave your twitter ID and/or name on FB) and it’ll earn you a spot (and a plus 1!) on the guestlist. I’ll be updating this post (real-time) with the list so you’d automatically know if you’re on it.

TBHOS 09 Style Manila Guest List

  1. Jenifer Albano
  2. Jenifer Albano +1
  3. Abigail Azul
  4. Abigail Azul +1
  5. Mary Joyce Co
  6. Mary Joyce Co +1
  7. Anna Tan
  8. Anna Tan +1
  9. Naomi Quimpo
  10. Naomi Quimpo +1
  11. Feonna Cabrera
  12. Feonna Cabrera +1
  13. Stonibert Lim
  14. Stonibert Lim +1
  15. Yasmin Rahman
  16. Yasmin Rahman +1
  17. Myles Tagle
  18. Myles Tagle +1
  19. Stephanie Michelle Tan
  20. Stephanie Michelle Tan +1
  21. Jobelle Lantin
  22. Jobelle Lantin +1
  23. Claire Perales
  24. Claire Perales +1
  25. Adelen Festin
  26. Adelen Festin +1

— End of list —

NOTE: Please present valid IDs at the entrance. Thanks!

Of course, this open invite closes on 02 December 2009, which gives me time to forward the list to the organisers.

Happy shopping folks!

Images: Jerico of TBOS

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  1. Jenifer Albano says:


    I just followed you guys on twitter!

    Twitter ID: Jeniferalbano
    Facebook Name : Jenifer Albano


  2. Jenifer Albano says:

    I had just become a fan of Style Manila in Facebook

    FB Account Name: Jenifer Albano

  3. Abigail Azul says:

    Hello stylemanila, done the deed my twitter id is abbyazul
    hope i get complimentary passes:)

  4. oh man thats totally uncool i will miss this.

  5. Mary Joyce says:

    A fan of StyleManila in FB

    name: Mary Joyce Co

  6. Jenifer Albano says:

    Following Style Manila on twitter and a fan on FB as well.

    name: Jenifer Albano

  7. Wow thanks for sharing, I love shopping!
    Followed you on twitter!: digitalbodega


  8. Jenifer Albano says:

    uhmm. why is my comment not posted? just wondering. =)

  9. Jenifer Albano says:

    Thanks so much for including me. =) Lookin forward to this great sale.

  10. Naomi Quimpo says:

    I’m seriously considering getting a BPI Express Credit Card. :D

    Oh, I’m a fan on Facebook! Name: Naomi Quimpo

  11. Feonna Cabrera says:

    Good day.. i had just become a fan of Style Manila in FB

    Name: Feonna Cabrera

    Thanks so much.. More power to Style Manila.. :)

  12. FB: Stonibert Lim

    I’ll take my wife shopping…. =)

  13. Yasmin Rahman says:

    followed u on Twitter

  14. I’m a fan of Style Manila in Facebook.
    Name: Myles Tagle
    Can I have complimentary passes for two?Thanks & more power!

  15. Stephanie Michelle Tan says:

    I just became a fan of Style Manila in Facebook.

    My Facebook Account Name is Stephanie Michelle Tan.

  16. hello! I’m a fan on Facebook! :) Hope to get a free pass :P

  17. Thanks for the interest, folks! Do come back and let us know how things go for you. Happy shopping!

  18. Hi Sasha,

    Thanks for the invites one question though, is the free pass valid on one of the days only? Or is it valid for the 3 days? meaning to say if I go on Dec. 4 can I come again using the same pass for Dec. 5 and 6??


  19. Hello, I’m now a fan of Style Manila. Can I have a complimentary pass for two? I don’t know if my name can be included in the list since it’s already December 3. Just in case… =>

    My facebook account name is: Claire Perales

  20. Adelen Festin says:


  21. Adelen Festin says:


    I posted a comment here in style Manila on the night of nov.30.. But unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to appear here… Ma’am i am already your fan in FB.. My username is Adelen Festin…
    Hope you can consider my entry. I was really expecting that my comment will soon be posted.

    Hope you will still consider me and hope i’ll get a free pass for me and my grandma..

    thanks :)

    Please :)

    • Adelen: I checked my comment log and I didn’t see any pending comment aside from this one you left. I apologise but unfortunately my hands are tied and it will be up to the organisers if they will accept your entry.

      Claire: Like what I told, Adelen, it will be up to the organisers if they will accept your entry.

      I’ll inquire if they can still accommodate late sign-ups. Or Jerico himself will respond. Check the post for any update.

  22. Adelene and Claire, I added you both on the list. Happy shopping! :)

  23. Adelen Festin says:

    Thank you, ms. Sasha..

    thank you very much :)

    happy shopping too!

  24. Abigail Azul says:

    Hi Stylemanila!!

    Thanks for the passes! the big holiday outlet sale 2009 is a hit!! I don’t want to leave smx anymore! Too bad I got short. Hope you can put me on a sale/bazaar email alert!:D. I’m hoping I’d get free passes again at The big outlet sale in 2010!

    I’ll be following you.


  25. Liezl Joy Angcaya says:

    hi! Im a bpi cardholder but i lost my wallet last thursday at sm manila while shopping. I will be able to get my replacement card after a week or more than a week. Does that mean, I still have to pay for the entrance although im a cardholder???

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