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If there are clothing, bag, accessory, shoe and even colour trends, there are market strat trends too. And the most popular one right now is for brands to hold their respective “private sale” events.

Received an email invite to one that Adidas is holding next week, 27 August 2009 at the Adidas Sport Performance Concept Store at The Podium.

All items on sale, up to 80% off but to be more specific:

  • 80% OFF on Diamond Shoes and ObyO
  • 70% OFF on Originals
  • UP to 80% OFF on Golf products
  • UP to 70% OFF on Diesel Jeans

Sale is between 10am and 8pm. (Note: No invite, no entry.)

Not particularly sure if the strat does bring in a considerable increase in sales but I reckon it gives “selected” folks first dibs or perhaps experience a better shopping experience since it won’t be too crowded.

But enough on the theories and let’s get to the facts. I’d like to know what you guys think. Have you been to any of the private sales going on around town? Is it really worth the trip? We’d appreciate your thoughts on the subject.

Image: Adidas Philippines

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  1. Aww I’d love to go to that “private sale” but yeah I’ve been to a couple of private sales (usually the ones that tie up with banks) but the crowds are just aplenty. :(

  2. I want to go to this sale. How can I get an invite?

  3. yeah, how to get an invite? i’m surely gonna be there if i get it

  4. Then concept store carry the Obyo lines?

  5. Sorry for the typo. Then = The *** I called in awhile ago. They’ll only carry it for today, but to bad I wasn’t invited and see what was available. I thought they had it the whole time cause I was looking for a vest which Trilogy nor Theodore had.

  6. How did it go?

  7. Was it a blast?

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